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Margaret Cho - Radio From Hell Richie T |
09/12/2014 | Filed In: rfh | margaretcho | wiseguys | wiseguyscomedy | kerribillgina |

Margaret Cho - Radio From Hell

Radio From Hell interviews the charming Margaret Cho.


Bill: Did you just do a pilot?

Margaret Cho: I just did a pilot earlier this year with the wonderful people that worked on 30 rock with me well, I worked with them. Tina Fay, Robert Carlock, Matt Hubbard and so that ended up not happening and ended up doing something else. It’s.. uh.. more like I..I want to get back to doing standup comedy and getting back out there so the new show that I’m doing tonight is called There’s no I in team but there is a Cho in Psycho.


Margaret Cho is Performing September 11-13 at WiseGuys Comedy  


Patrick Warburton interview with Richie T. Richie T |
08/26/2014 | Filed In: Patrick Warburton | Richie T | Salt Lake Comic Con | The Tick | Kronk | Family Guy

Patrick Warburton interview with Richie T.

Patrick Warburton

Who is your favorite character that you have voiced?

I had a lot of fun doing The Tick… Kronk was the first Disney movie I got to work on and that was a great experience. They’re both right up there.

How did you end up getting to do the voice of Kronk?

A lot of the time they will have a character drawn out and have a story, but they don’t know what a character sounds like until somebody comes in a shows them. Since Disney is very secretive with their scripts I was only given a few pages. I didn’t know what Kronk was. Was he an ogor, a monster, or robot. He seemed like a renissance henchmen since he cooked, so I figured he sounds like he had a little more like a sensitive guy, kind of like a transvestite.

Did you want to do voices as a kid? And if so, what did they sound like?

I was the smallest kid in High School, 95lbs and wearing coke bottle glasses, I’m blind as a bat, but I would do John Wayne. You had this 95lb kid walking around doing John Wayne impressions.


Listen to the full interview below



Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Reunion Tour *INTERVIEW* Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
03/24/2013 | Filed In: X96 | Adam Carolla | Dr. Drew | March | 2013 | Kingsbury Hall | Reunion Tour | Wiseguy's | Interview

Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Reunion Tour *INTERVIEW*


Get ready for ADAM CAROLLA & DR. DREW to come to the Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City on March 30th, as part of their REUNION TOUR. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew co-hosted Loveline from 1995 to 2005, providing a decade of hilarious love advice to listeners across the country. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy the great stories and antics and have the opportunity to participate in a live audience interaction with Carolla and Dr. Drew, just like in the great days of their time together on the Loveline program.

Date: 2013-03-30 Time: 8:00 PM Ticket Price: $50, $30 Adv

Special Information: On Sale: February 1 @ 10AM - SAVE $10 per ticket! Follow the link below and enter the number of tickets and save $10 each. The code word is 'wiseguys'

For tickets: CLICK HERE!


Adam Carolla calls into the X96 studio before his show with Dr. Drew at Kingsbury Hall on Saturday, March 30th to do an interview with Radio From Hell!




Creepy Old Guy Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/22/2011 | Filed In: Halloween | RC Willey | creepy | old | guy

Creepy Old Guy

I was at RC Willey last night and this life size Halloween decoration scared the crap out of me. This was truly the last thing I expected to see at a furniture store. They actually had a cool selection of Halloween stuff. I hope this was a decoration. This was the Syracuse location, and it was quite late. I'm not suggesting that particular store is haunted...



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