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Richie Got Bullied And There's Video Corey O'Brien |
05/30/2014 | Filed In: Bullies | Bullying | Richie T | Corey O'Brien | Facebook | American's Got Talent | Howie Mandel

Richie Got Bullied And There's Video

Kids can be cruel. The internet can be cruel. Your neighbourhood butcher can be cruel. You brother is cruel. Your dog once bit you. The waiter at ______________ crop-dusted your table when dropping off appetizers and your mom says you should have been married by now.

Hell, a guy even makes it on national television and though he doesn't win he gets the news delivered by Heidi Klum. That kind of winning IS losing.

For Richie T even that kind of lose/winning leaves a guy open for insult to injury by some girl he doesn't even know...on Facebook.

If you want to send Richie words of comfort and encouragement you can stand by Richie's side by emailing him at Richie@X96.com.  You can even email him if you have an anniversary coming up and need a singing telegram. 

We though about holding a candlelight vigil, but we figured since the FCC makes us do so much PSA broadcasting each year anyway, we made this video instead to kill two (maybe 5) birds with one announcement:


Watch Richie T Get Slapped on 'America's Got Talent" Corey O'Brien |
05/28/2014 | Filed In: America's Got Talent | Richie T | NBC

Watch Richie T Get Slapped on 'America's Got Talent

Last night Richie T appeared on the season opener of 'America's Got Talent' where you don't judge - ye be judged!  Richie and his 'bandmates' earned four strikes in an act that seemed to personally offend Heidi Klum, which is odd considering her taste in men.  Howie Mandell was nicer about the situation, calling the group of shaven-head men "his people." Howie was kind enough to sit in for an encore before giving the contestants the fourth nail in their coffin.


Who Needs a Roof? Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
09/13/2011 | Filed In: Money | poverty | america | adventure

Who Needs a Roof?

I am going to be homeless on Monday...at least for a little while.  The talking heads say the economy is on the upswing while the unemployment rate hovers around 10% so I feel pretty lucky to have a job I love doing but in uncertain times I feel it is a good time to cut back.

I am giving up my apartment.  I am not married and don't have pets so I don't have to talk anyone into this little expiriment or put a poor animal through it (not that I would).  I eat out nearly every meal and am in no way a homebody.  I'm never really at my house - only my stuff is.  Also, I am horrible with money.  My folks were more "do as we say" rather than "do as we do" parents so I think of lot of what they did rubbed off on me: buying things I don't need as a form of entertainment.  I hate the idea of credit cards but I use and abuse them like a lot of us do.  So couch surfing, a PO box and showering at the gym will be my new routine.

The plus side is I won't have to pay anyone rent and will just pocket the money and pay off my credit cards (really, who needs 3 bikes and 3 snowboards?).  No TV?  Good, I can get through the 8 books I've started.  Maybe I can use the money I save to go to Germay next year for the real Oktoberfest or save for a down payment on a home of my own (granted I choose to do this for more than a month).

So all my stuff: pots, pans, dishes, the majority of my books, camping stuff, chairs, sofa, TV, a rarely used dinner table, bookshelves, bed, blu-ray player, nightstands and everything else are going into storage. I suspect after about a week I am going to hate myself for attempting such a lame idea.  When after work I have no place to rest my feet and watch "Louie" or "Curb Your Enthusaism" or "Apocalpyse Now" I could be scouring the web for a new roof.  Stay tuned...

-Corey O'Brien

P.S. I did the photoshopping of the dollar bill all by myself.

P.S. pt. 2:  Maybe when this is over I can write a book like this:



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