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KMFDM - October 22nd - Park City Live Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
09/23/2013 | Filed In: X96 | We Are KMFDM Tour 2013 | KMFDM | Chant | Park City Live | October

KMFDM - October 22nd - Park City Live

In the mood for some heavy industrial beats? Don't miss the We Are KMFDM Tour 2013 with guest Chant October 22nd at Park City Live! X96 has a special sale starting NOW! Buy tickets for $9.60! Just CLICK HERE and use the password “X96”! Tickets are limited, don’t miss out!

Date: 2013-10-22 Time: 9:00 PM Ticket Price: $25

Special Information: Must be 21+ to attend.

For tickets: CLICK HERE!






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