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Alta: Will We Be Snowboarding There This Year? Corey O'Brien |
09/23/2014 | Filed In: Skiing | Snowboarding | Alta | Utah | Snobbish | Ski Utah | Shred Utah | Snowbird

Alta: Will We Be Snowboarding There This Year?

I used to date this lady who was an avid skier. She was and probably is a big time Alta-prideful rider. That's the kind way to put it. A bit snobbish about her riding habits would be another way to put it.

I skied for one season and then picked up a snowboard and never went back. It was a Forum 154, wide board with Ralph Steadman artwork on it from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." A heavy, but epic board. 

Anyway, I was proud with my new board, so when I asked her if she would like to go riding together I was met with, "Snowboarders are slow and you can't ride Alta." The slow part I may have been able to compete with, but not the Alta part. I can say her response revealed where I stood with her socio-economically and legally. Sometimes life delivers those lessons in blunt ways.

It seems the lawsuit fought on the grounds that it was some sort of modern, affluent prejudice against those who ride the on one stich will not get the privilege of the hill East of Snowbird. The judge basically said the law's road map didn't draw a path for snowboarders to Alta.

The good new is we still have Snowbird, Brighton, Beaver, Snowbasin and all the other civilized resorts. It's better there. People ride hard and in harmony at those mountains.

Read the pro's report on it here.

Or just watch it.


GoPro X-DANCE Film Festival - The Depot - November 8th-11th Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
10/25/2012 | Filed In: X96 | GoPro | X-DANCE | Film Festival | Action Sports | The Depot | SURFING | SKIING | SKATING | CLIMBING | BIKING | BOARDING

GoPro X-DANCE Film Festival  - The Depot - November 8th-11th

A shout out to everyone in Action Sports... The GoPro X-DANCE Film Festival is taking center stage! For 13 years this world famous Action Sports Film Festival has been during Sundance BUT this year is November 8th to the 11th!

These films aren’t your typical ACTION PORN movies! You can’t find these at your local skate shop. These are the BEST films from all over the world narrowed down to the top 30 films that will blow you away! SURFING, SKIING, SKATING, CLIMBING, BIKING, and BOARDING!

Come hang with the guys who MADE these films and the BAD ASSES who hucked themselves into stardom!

The four day GoPro X-DANCE Festival includes a music festival with killer music every night, gear trade show, you will leave with the coolest free SWAG you can carry!

It’s ALL happening at the DEPOT. NOVEMBER 8th to the 11th. Google X-DANCE FILM FESTIVAL to find the events schedule. Tickets are cheap and the action’s NON-STOP! For tickets, CLICK HERE!






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