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Someone is Selling Imagine Dragons Artifacts At Elvis Presley Prices Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Imagine Dragons | City Weekly | Insanity | Bass Guitar | Provo

Someone is Selling Imagine Dragons Artifacts At Elvis Presley Prices

Hey, I love rock n' roll artifacts as much as the next guy. I've had a piece of chewing gum someone told me Jack White once chewed stuck in my left armpit for luck and bragging rights. I only paid $700 for that.

On the other hand, I've been hard up for money at times. I have sold bikes, iPods, dignity, clothes and bowls I bought at Pottery Barn (they were on sale, so back off!). I would even sell my Jack White armpit gum for it's weight in sheckles. But this...

...this is something odd. As this post points out: not even Paul laid a hand on this here bass geeetar. At least not that anyone knows of.

Not to downplay the success Imagine Dragons have had either. I love me some Imagine Dragons. They are all over the place and everywhere. When I buy broccoli at Smith's Marketplace - there is "Radioactive." At the pump when I am filling up my whip with 85: "Demons." When I am awakened by my electronic waker: "It's Time." Their songs have transcended time and place.

Dave Lemeke, who used to be in the band doesn't see the problem with the price tag. According to a quote in City Weekly, '"I've had people say I'm crazy," he says. "But I think it's worth it because the band keeps getting bigger and bigger, and so I'm just waiting for the demand to increase ... I'm not cash-strapped or anything."'

I do like the use of the third person in this ad. It justifies at least $25,000 of the price tag.

The ad, of course, wasn't taken down from KSL Classifieds before screenshots and shares could be had across social media. And you know the internets...it's not all nice, but it's funny...mostly.

The most entertaining comments can be found at SLC Music Gear on Facebook.

Chime in...what would you pay for a rock n' roll artifact from your favorite superstar?


Utah Lawmakers Seek To Ban Same-Sex Friendships Corey O'Brien |
06/06/2014 | Filed In: Utah | Friends | Provo | Haha | Trolled

Utah Lawmakers Seek To Ban Same-Sex Friendships

By Todd Nuke'em / X96

Hundreds of thousands of same-sex friendships in Utah are now threatened by a plan put forth by Utah’s Capitol Hill. After winning a stay of recognition in same-sex marriages in the 10th Circuit Court, Utah lawmakers took the fight one step further.

“We believe that friendship, like marriage, should be between a man and a woman,” said state senator Carl Davidson, R-Spanish Fork. “Despite a recent trend of activist judges making a mockery of tradition, we plan to prevent society from embracing same-sex friendships.”

Other lawmakers chimed in, saying that same-sex friendships are a slippery slope that could lead to people bonding with their pets. “I rue the day when a human being could refer to his dog as man’s best friend,” said Senator Wendy Conners, R-Provo. Statewide, conservative activists have lobbied for years to keep friendship between a male and a female. One lawmaker, who requested to not be identified stated, “Same-sex friendships are the moral decay of society. It is our desire to protect family values. It is simply perverted that two males would want to spend time together fishing or going to a sporting event.”

“What’s next?” he asked, “A festival and a parade that celebrates same-sex friendships? That’s just sick.” While recent scientific studies show that there is nothing inherently wrong with those participating in same-sex friendships, opponents feel that their way of life is threatened by this lifestyle choice. Davidson said, “I would never let my son, who is 12, develop friendships with other boys his age. They’d be riding their bikes together, playing video games together, possibly playing sports together on a recreation soccer team. The list of debauchery is endless. My son is only friends with girls, where he participates in wholesome bonding, like playing with dolls, experimenting with makeup, giggling over which member of One Direction is cutest, things like that.”

The Utah Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union plans to fight this legislation, saying in a written statement: “Will you people stop electing these clowns?!”



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