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Liam Neeson Can't Stop Losing His Family Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Taken | Taken 3 | Movies | Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson Can't Stop Losing His Family

First they kidnapped his daughter. Then they kidnapped his daughter and wife. Now they have killed his wife and are trying to kidnap his daughter. "Taken 3" or "Tak3n" as it's spelled in the trailer checks us in with the most dangerous man in the world and those trying to snatch his things.

In this third installment, it appears someone has killed Lian Neeson's character's wife, and get this: framed him for it. This should be old hat for his character by now. If I was this guy I'd be looking around every corner and behind every 7-11 aisle if I so much as thought misplaced the sauerkraut in the fridge.

This trailer makes the movie look like a remake of the remake of "The Fugitive." Right down to Forrest Whittaker playing the Tommy Lee Jones role: a cop with a heart of gold and a hard candy shell.

And yes, I will be going to see it, just like I will be going to another "Transporter" movie if they another one of those. Actually, why isn't anyone remaking "Bloodsport"? Charlie Hunan as Frank Dux? SOLD! 

Anyway, crank this up so everyone in the office knows what's coming and that you aren't a little bitch. And shout out, "Oh man, if I find out who took the last donut from my top right drawer in this cubicle, I am taking out the laundry like this mother______!!! NEEEEEEESONNNNNNN!"


China Is About To Ruin Movies Forever Corey O'Brien |
08/21/2014 | Filed In: China | Movies | Texting | Bad Ideas | Corey O'Brien | Phones | Reasons to Hate Humanity

China Is About To Ruin Movies Forever

The Chinese give us some pretty great stuff at great prices whether they want to or not, so we should be grateful. They build our iPhones, stitch our clothes and the Peking Duck is about amazing as food gets, but this export could be the one to change my tune. I demand Congress take note and issue some steep tariffs on this one.

Someone who hates the cinema has decided to take a passive, enjoyable activity such as watching a movie and ruin it. 

You're a darkened theater, you know, watching fine cinematic art. It's a great new action-adventure picture featuring Christina Hendricks or Lizzy Caplan (this is my blog, so I get to pick the stars) when in the bottom of your field of view you notice a little glowing screen. Your suspension of disbelief has been shattered and you just missed the topless bank robbery scene. Be damned those with their phone out in a movie theater! As you look back at the screen you read "Moar Bewbs ;)" over the top of the getaway scene. Lame.

According to Engadget, some brainchild in China has been experimenting with "bullet screens." Basically, it lets anyone post color commentary onto the actual movie screen while the film is playing. Because eveyone is funny and witty and should be heard. And the cost of ruining a movie for everyone in the joint: the equivalent of ten cents. Blasphemy!!!!!

If this is allowed to happen we should issue an apology to Pee-Wee Herman because what he did at the movies was less distracting and didn't involve taking out his cell phone. He took something out, but from all accounts I've read, it wasn't glowing. Though had he not been found out and arrested, he might have been glowing on his way out the door. Anyway...

People who take their phones out to text, talk or check our dessert recipes during a movie are society's scourge, the lowest common denominator and should be shamed for their social infraction - not encouraged to ruin everyone's good time a dime at a time. 

As Engadget says, "a film connoisseur can watch as their most poignant wisecracks scroll across the screen with countless others... for better or worse."

I say it's definitely for worse.


Kerry's Odyssey to The San Diego Comic Con Corey O'Brien |
07/14/2014 | Filed In: San Diego Comic Con | Kerry | Radio From Hell | Geek Show Podcast | Comics | Movies

Kerry's Odyssey to The San Diego Comic Con

Kerry's Log 07/26/14:

Kerry finds himself in the midst of a Walking Dead apocalypse.  Will Kerry and the Geek Show Podcast make it out alive? You should really just watch the video and see for yourself.


Kerry's Log 07/26/14:

Kerry and the Geek Show guys take a leap from the Assassin's Creed tower.  Were ankles rolled? Did anyone chicken out? Can one of the Geek Show fellows actually fly? Watch the video to find out.



Kerry's Log 07/21/14:

Kerry is on his way with the Geek Show Podcast to the San Diego Comic Con International. Check out the sweet wheels Stockton 12 Honda set Kerry and the guys up with so they can roll down in comfort and style. Check out the video so you can see what name Kerry has bestowed their Odyssey with and keep coming back for more updates from THE Comic Con.


Kerry Jackson is heading to the San Diego Comic Con July 24th through the 27th.  He's hitting the road in a new Honday Odyssey with his Geekshow Podcast cohorts and will be updating this page with news, video, pictures, interviews and all the geek you can get on you.  Also, listen to Radio From Hell for updates during the con. Kerry's Odyssey to San Diego Comic Con is superpowered by Stockton 12 Honda.


X-Men, You Lost Me Corey O'Brien |
05/28/2014 | Filed In: X-Men | Corey O'Brien | Movies

X-Men, You Lost Me

I came across this article on one of my favorite sites, Vice.  Titled, "What the F*@k Is Going on In "X-Men: Days of Future Past?" and after reading it pretty much sums up my feelings as I left the theatre last weekend.  Though I really liked the movie I couldn't help feel like the line between exposition and action was a tough one to walk. We would get a great action scene followed by a lot of explanation. It's a famous story line in the X-Men universe, but if you never read the comics (I know, everyone says they did, but they really didn't) you are are a lost puppy and probably have a lot of questions.

Suspension of disbelief is key in any movie, but does "X-Men: Days of Future Past?" ask us for too much disbelief suspension?

Vice brings up some pretty solid arguments in their article such as:

-Why are people so bad at shooting at Mystique?

-Magneto frequently moves pieces of metal that are more than 100-feet away from him (the stadium, for instance). So why did keeping him 100-feet under the Pentagon matter at all? Couldn't he just drag every metal object in the Pentagon down on top of him?

-Why does nobody in the past have any questions for Wolverine about what happens with culture or technology or fashion or politics in the future?

These are just a few of the questions that are really ruining this movie for me.  Note: there are some spoilers here, but if you want to dive further down the rabbit hole in the X-Men movie universe take the plunge and read on here.


5 Things You Need to Know About the New Zach Braff Movie Corey O'Brien |
05/19/2014 | Filed In: Movies | Zach Braff | Garden State | Corey O'Brien | Wish I Was Here

5 Things You Need to Know About the New Zach Braff Movie

Zack Braff hit his Kickstater goal, so we're all getting this for Summer.

1. The guy, Donald Faison, from "Scrubs" makes an appearance.  I hate "Scrubs" so this trailer is already giving me a bad taste in my movie-loving brain. It seems like every time I turn on Comedy Central they are showing it like NPR plays "A Prarie Home Companion" on the weekends. Couldn't they show something that is actually funny?  For the record I think Donald Faison is funny.  I just really hated "Scrubs" and I couldn't explain to you why.

2. Expect slow motion shots of people doing things that "surprise them" and "will affect them for the rest of their lives."  You will laugh, cry and feel emboldened until you leave the theater and hit the closest fast food joint, being slammed back to your life.

3. There is a new Shin's song in the trailer.  It doesn't have a title, but that's no matter because you don't really remember any of The Shins' song titles anyway.  You just know why all go "ooooOOOOoooouhhh Oooo ooo ooooo uhhhh" and that's just how you and I like them.

4. This is not "Garden State 2", but let's face facts.  It should be.  Every critic will hold it up to that candle. The math is too easy.

5. With all that said, I will still go see it.  I will get warm and fuzzies and probably want a wife, family life and the strength to embrace middle-age problems when they arrive at my doorstep.  Then I will wise up.  Also, Mr. Braff has such dreamy blue eyes.

Here is the trailer.  The Shins track really kicks in about a minute in. I am pretty sure you would know it right away with me pointing it out.


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