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Local H vs. Lorde...I Think Local H Wins cobrien |
04/24/2014 | Filed In: Corey O'Brien | Local H | Lorde | Team

Local H vs. Lorde...I Think Local H Wins

I have a love/love relationship with Local H. "12 Angry Months" has always been such an underrated album it keeps me up at night and causes anxiety deep in my heart that the world has yet to recognize the album's genius. Local H played the Big Ass Show some years ago and were great.  A few months later they played Bar Deluxe and Scott Lucas, the guy on the mic, mentioned the Big Ass Show performance claiming, "I don't know why they invited us to play.  It's kind of fucking stupid"...or something along those lines. After a couple of songs he recanted and said it was very nice of X96 to invite them.  Thoughtful.

I was a bit crushed since I was the one who pushed to have them on the show. Just ask Todd Nuke'em - I wouldn't shut up about it. I wanted to say something to the band after the show, but who gives a shit?  I love their music.  

(Local H in Seattle at Chop Suey 2013/Photo by Corey O'Brien)

I also saw them play "Pack Up the Cats" in its entirety at Urban Lounge.  I saw them perform last year at Seattle's Chop Suey (that city's version of Urban Lounge) where Scott proceeded to duct tape the microphone to his face and have the fans carry him to the merch booth as he wailed away, closing out the show.  In the words of The Narrator in "Fight Club", "Please return your seatbacks to their full upright and locked position." This is how it's done.

So tonight I bumped in Local H's version of Lorde's "Team" and am pretty god damn happy about it.

Enjoy and if you like it you can purchase it here.



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