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The Oddball Comedy Festival 2014 Richie T |
09/10/2014 | Filed In: Recap: Oddball Comedy Festival | Funny or Die | Louis CK | Tim Drake | Radio From Hell | Comedy | Stand Up | Aziz Ansari | Sarah Silverman | Hannibal Burress | Demetri Martin | Chris Hardwick | Whitney Cummings | Jeff Ross | Brody Stevens

The Oddball Comedy Festival 2014

X96 hit up the The Oddball Comedy Festival at USANA Amphitheater this past Saturday.

Saturday's Oddball Festival featured a solid line-up: Jeff Ross, Whitney Cummings, Chris Hardwick, Demetri Martin, Hannibal Buress, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, and Louis C.K..  A comedy show that started with the sun still out, in an amphitheatre seemed odd, but once the joking started the crowd was ready to laugh. It was fantastic to see so many people out to support comedy. The crowd's energy would fuel a great evening of comedy.

Brody Stevens of "Funny or Die" welcomed the crowd. He told them about the discussion with Will Ferrell about bringing the show to Salt Lake City and entertained the crowd before welcoming the first comic, and host and Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross brought his energy to the main stage.

Brody Stevens welcoming the crowd

Jeff Ross, sporting a new look, turned his roasting skills to the crowd before introducing the first comedian.

Jeff Ross

Jeff invited several members of the audience on stage to subject themselves to the verbal blows of Roast Master.

Jeff Ross Roasting the crowd

Following Jeff's honorary local roast, the hilarious Whitney Cummings took the stage.

Whitney Cummings

The self-pronounced single and on-the-prowl, Ms. Cummings, best known for her NBC sitcom "Whitney" and as the writer and creator of the CBS hit, "2 Broke Girls" put on a very casual and hilarious set about her relationships and where she is at in life, most of which consist of men's odd, intimate expectations of her.

The Nerdist's and @midnight host, Chris Hardwick was welcomed by a warmed-up crowd. Even though Chris had just performed at WiseGuys Comedy a few months back, he kept his set fresh and interactive. Within the first few minutes, Chris climbed down from the stage to join the crowd and see the fans. Chris' set also talked about the recent death of his father, the legendary Bowler Billy Hardwick.

Chris Hardwick

Following Christ Hardwick's set, the always hilarious Demetri Martin took the stage. Demetri brought his quick, witty comedy and of course his guitar to his stand up show. Demetri's set was everything his fans have expected. It was strong from the start and left everybody in stitches.

Demetri Martin

Hannibal Buress took the stage next, wearing a one piece jumpsuit featuring Hannibal Burress - brilliant!

Hannibal Buress

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman's crowd work was absolutely hilarious, sitting on fans laps and surely making some of those guys year. Sarah's set is a small glimpse inside her Emmy winning special "We are Miracles" - out September 23rd.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz has reached a point in his stand up where he can't stop writing great comedy. It's rare to see a stand up that can continually write a new hour every year or every other year. Following his Netflix's special last year, Aziz hit the stage with fresh material and kept the crowd laughing. He talked about relationships, vegetarians, his heritage and more.

Then the headliner: Louis C.K. - welcomed with a standing ovation, the rain began to pour. No one left. This was the comic people were here to see.

Louis C.K.

Louie checking on the rain

Louie was aggressive, yet light hearted.

The Oddball Comedy Festival was an amazing time and something that every comedy fan needs to experience. Thanks to Funny or Die and all of the comics for bring the show to Salt Lake City. No doubts with the enthusiasm and laughter it will be back next year.


Peter Funt on Radio From Hell Richie T |
08/13/2014 | Filed In: peter funt | candid camera | radio from hell

Peter Funt on Radio From Hell

Peter Funt, the creater of the TV show Candid Camera, talks to Radio From Hell about his new show, his father, and discovering content for his show. Listen to the full interview below! 

Have you ever had a hard time coming up with stunts?

Peter: No, it’s the easiest part of my job because they mostly come right out of my own experiences…I look for the little things in life that drive us crazy, whether it’s the checkout line at the super market or the fact that people park too close to you in the lot, the little things like that. And then I try – instead of getting even – I try and get them with a candid camera stunt, and we go out and do that.  


New Song From Fun. todd | Program Director
06/19/2014 | Filed In: Fun. | Harsh Lights | Bleachers | Jimmy Fallon | The Tonight Show

New Song From Fun.

Fun. performed a brand new song last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Check it out!


Time Wasters at Work Jake | Jake of the Web
07/16/2013 | Filed In: time wasters | timewasters | time | wasters | jake | jakeoftheweb | funny | random

Time Wasters at Work

1. Death of Characters on TV

Cory Monteith (Finn from Glee) caught a case of the deaths. How did other tv shows handle the death of a main character?

2. Amazing Fact Generator

Impress your friends! Er...friend! Um. Impress random people on the street.

3. Life Hacks

Who knew that you have been doing all of these things wrong your entire life?

4. All 662 grunts from Home Improvement = best fifteen minutes of your life.


Louie Season 1 Stand-up compilation

They had a great video version of this but it has been deleted. This is audio only and contains the type of comedy you should expect from Louis CK


5. Apps of the Week!


Connect all of your social media profiles together in one glorious area. Features allow you to store Instagram photos in your Dropbox, link Twitter to Facebook and more.

Hang w/ for Android

Video creation and sharing service featuring channels and random chat.


Imagine Dragons Ticket Scavenger Hunt Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
03/27/2013 | Filed In: X96 | Imagine Dragons | SOLD OUT | Tickets | Anthony | Scavenger Hunt | Fun | Come Find Me

Imagine Dragons Ticket Scavenger Hunt

Imagine Dragons tickets are becoming harder to obtain as the band progressively/aggressively becomes more popular! I recently saw tickets for the show on May 20th at UCCU Center in Orem for $350 per ticket! But, you're in luck! I'm starting a local scavenger hunt for a pair of tickets to the show! Here's how to play...


Get fimiliar with this face...

"Hi, my name is Anthony Magallanes. Promotions Director for KXRK - X96, 96.3 FM in Salt Lake City!"


I'll carry a pair of tickets in my wallet everywhere I go...

"Promotion Directors carry less than $20 in their wallet at all times."


I'll randomly post on X96's Facebook where I'm at. If you're there as well, find me!

"Don't be shy, say "hi"! It could win you a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT Imagine Dragons show! I wouldn't recommend leaving from where you currently are at the time I post to try and find me, I might be gone by the time you show up."


If you do find me, I'll hand over the tickets! Couldn't be easier!



Imagine Dragons perform "Radioactive" during a private acoustic set for X96 listeners before their SOLD OUT show at The Complex later that night. This event took place March 22, 2013 at Wiseguys Trolley Square in Downtown Salt Lake City, UT. Filmed by Lexi Chopine and edited by Vladimir Chopine (http://geekatplay.com/)


Also, please read and review these simple rules. An X96 public event/live broadcast doesn't count and PLEASE no stalking at the station or home :) Let's have fun! - Anthony Magallanes

Offical Rules! Please read and review:

Contest Dates: Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 – TBD

1. These are the specific contest rules for the “Imagine Dragons Tickets Scavenger Hunt” on KXRK-FM. 2. These rules are in addition to the General Contest Rules of KXRK-FM. 3. Complete copies of all contest rules are available at Simmons Media Group, 515 S. 700 E. #1C, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102 9 am to 5 pm. 4. To participate in the “Imagine Dragons Tickets Scavenger Hunt”, participants must be 16 years of age or older. 5. The contest will start immediately and end when tickets are claimed 6. On random occasions, during the flight dates of the contest, X96 (Anthony Magallanes) will announce where they are currently located via web postings on X96's Facebook and Twitter. Contestants who participate will then have approx. 15-30 minutes to find X96. If a contestant does find X96 and is at least 16 years of age, they will win a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT Imagine Dragons concert on May 20th at the UCCU Center. 7. Total value of prizes at/around $80


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