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Utah's Favorite Booze! Corey O'Brien |
07/30/2014 | Filed In: Alcohol | DABC | Fireball | Barton | Schminoff | Alcohol again

Utah's Favorite Booze!

Well, seems even in Zion people like to let loose and enjoy their libation. This should not be a surprise considering all the worry over our nearly lost Oktoberfest due to some uppity political grandstanding (a cause for true social panic).

Whether at home or at one of a handful of Utah's bars we all (I mean those of us who drink) have our favorite cocktail, shot, draught or designated driver beverage, but when it comes to the number's at Utah's State Liquor Stores a very specific story is told about the liquor we buy.

It turns out Utah likes it cheap and sugary, but has a better taste in beer than the X96 staff expected. Fox 13 decided it would be a good idea to pull the number on what you buy at the liquor store. If the X96 staff were gambling folks we would have lost - turns out we just had too many Hop's Rising due to the proximity of our new studio to Squatter's.  

Our guesses for Utah's favorite bottles of hooch would have been:

1. Everclear (or Fireball)

2. Five Wives' Vodka (or Fireball)

3. Jameson (or Fireball)

4. Fernet Branca (or Fireball)

5. Pimm's No. 5 (or 2 bottles of Fireball)

And for beer:

1. St. Ides

2. Dead Guy

3. "What's on sale?"

4. St. Ides

5. "Anything larger than 12oz."

We are glad we didn't have a pony in this race...since pony kegs are illegal here.

Check out Fox 13's report here or click here to read the complete list...if you haven't had too many glasses of Pimm's...


Ok-Sober-Fest?!? Corey O'Brien |
05/27/2014 | Filed In: Snowbird | Oktoberfest | Corey O'Brien | UDABC | Beer


The 90 and 100 degree Summer days start to end as you look to the lovely mountains. The Alpenhorn echoes down the canyon and you can nearly hear it. Maybe it’s just in your heart. It’s probably because you know it’s time for some bratwurst, Perogies and your choice of chilled brew in a tall stein while taking in the visions of majesty Snowbird has to offer. Well don’t let the sound of that giant needles scratching a record pull you away from your Fall-time fantasy…or do.

If the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control or UDABC follows through on its new policy, it will be a dry Oktoberfest. At that point I am not even sure what you'd call it. You can ask, “Do you really need beer to have an Oktoberfest?” Well, you don’t have to drink it, but it flies in the face of anything called Oktoberfest. Are we now going to let them water down a tradition that has been going on at Snowbird for decades become as watered down as the suds flowing out of those keg trailers? I, for one, hope not. 

According The Salt Lake Tribune's article, “the state liquor commission is getting tough about granting single-event permits to business.” A slippery slope this could be indeed for those who enjoy their social lubrication at some of the state’s events throughout the, well, event season. Could this mean no libation for events such as Pride, The Utah Arts Festival or The Living Traditions festivals? Could this attitude leak over to events like The Big Ass Show or Summer Jam? Twilight?

According the to Trib’s article, the state uses a two-tired test to determine who gets these single-event passes: One, one-time or unique event that lasts only a few days and used by a civic or community group to promote a good cause. Basically, they are talking about non-profits. Perhaps a celebration of a German tradition doesn’t serve the common good in the eyes of the DABC. It’s always made me feel pretty good. Will the people raise their voices or just empty steins?



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