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X96 Nightmare Before Xmas Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
10/31/2011 | Filed In: Cake | Brogan Kelby

X96 Nightmare Before Xmas

The X96 Nightmare Before Xmas featuring Cake, Brogan Kelby, and others (to be announced) is Tuesday, December 13th at the Great Saltair. The first 1,000 tickets are only $9.60 (plus service fees) and go on sale Tuesday, November 1 at NOON at Smith’s Tix locations and www.smithstix.com. After they’re gone (or until Saturday) the price will be $35.50. Come celebrate the holidays with your friends from X96 with another Nightmare Before Xmas!

Brogan Kelby


My new tattoo :) Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
10/19/2011 | Filed In: tattoo | Brogan Kelby | Boofy Nuke 'Em

My new tattoo :)

I've been contemplating a tattoo for quite some time, but I didn't have anything I wanted to signify with permanent ink on my body. Lately, though, my wife and I had been talking about getting a tattoo to commemorate our relationship with our son Brogan Kelby. On Sunday, the three of us went to Big Deluxe Tattoo in Salt Lake and got matching tattoos. Don't tell my mom. She'll freak!

The tattoo is a symbol of Brogan's initials, and it illustrates the bond that he has with Mrs. Nuke 'Em and me.


My Big Ass Show Adventures Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
10/10/2011 | Filed In: Big Ass Show | Panic! At The Disco | Brogan Kelby | King Niko | Ransom Wydner | Tyler Glenn | Neon Trees

My Big Ass Show Adventures

Another Big Ass Show is in the history books, and I am thankful to everyone who attended. My day started out with a bit of a jolt when I heard that Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco was sick with malaria and wasn't going to be there. I have to give that band credit for making sure the show went on. They recruited a few friends to cover for him, including local musican Brogan Kelby, and  Ransom Wydner from King Niko. Brogan got to sing "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" and Ransom sang "Nine in the Afternoon." Thanks to everyone for staying to watch the performance even though Brendan wasn't there. Tyler Glenn (another local) from Neon Trees got to sing a few songs with them, and it turned out to be a special event. Brendan Urie is sad that he coulndn't attend, and the band will get back to Salt Lake in full force just as soon as possible. I was particularly thrilled to see Panic's bassist Dallon Weekes take over the lead vocals on a few songs and then treat us to an acoustic version of The Brobecks tune "Love At First Sight." 

Another special moment was Switchfoot's performance of "Dare You To Move" when Jon Foreman invited Brogan Kelby onstage to play his guitar and sing along. We had mentioned to the band how important that song was to Brogan and that it really helped him get through some rough times. They were thrilled about it and invited him to play it with them. What a great bunch of guys! The performance was truly amazing, and I've  posted a couple different camera angles (from fans) of the song.





It was a special day, and we thank you for your continued support!  


Big Ass Show and my trip to KUTV this morning Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
10/07/2011 | Filed In: X96 Big Ass Show | Brogan Kelby | Panic! At The Disco | Neon Trees | Anberlin | Switchfoot | The Airborne Toxic Event

Big Ass Show and my trip to KUTV this morning

Tomorrow is the day! You can still get $20 tickets today at Smith's Tix or Graywhale. They go up to $30 tomorrow at the door and at Smith's Tix.

I've had a long morning. I woke up at 3:30 to take Big Ass Show artist Brogan Kelby to 2 News This Morning. Thanks to everyone at KUTV for helping us out, and to my buddy Mary Nickles for being as awesome as ever. Here is a clip of Brogan Kelby talking about the show and performing live this morning.



Here is the schedule for tomorrow


X96 Big Ass Show schedule Gates open at 11:00 A.M. The Suicycles 12:00p – 12:15p Plaza Stage King Niko 12:20p – 12:50p Gallivan Avenue Stage Group Love 12:55p – 1:25p Plaza Stage Sleeper Agent 1:30p – 2:00p Gallivan Avenue Stage Brogan Kelby 2:05p – 2:35p Plaza Stage She Wants Revenge 2:40p – 3:10p Gallivan Avenue Stage Airborne Toxic Event 3:15p – 3:45p Plaza Stage Switchfoot 3:50p – 4:35p Gallivan Avenue Stage Anberlin 4:40p – 5:25p Plaza Stage Neon Trees 5:30p – 6:15p Gallivan Avenue Stage Panic! At The Disco 6:20p – 7:20p Plaza Stage


See you there!


I rock the accordion! Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/07/2011 | Filed In: accordion | nerd | todd | Brogan Kelby

I rock the accordion!

I have to admit that I've never thought of myself as a musician; however, the opportunity to go crazy on the accordion was hard to resist. Here I am getting funky on Brogan Kelby's accordion a couple of nights ago! I don't need Guitar Hero, I have an accordion! Remember that Brogan will be at the X96 Big Ass Show on October 8th at the Gallivan Center with Panic! At The Disco, Neon Trees, Anberlin, Switchfoot and others.



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