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My new tattoo :) Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
10/19/2011 | Filed In: tattoo | Brogan Kelby | Boofy Nuke 'Em

My new tattoo :)

I've been contemplating a tattoo for quite some time, but I didn't have anything I wanted to signify with permanent ink on my body. Lately, though, my wife and I had been talking about getting a tattoo to commemorate our relationship with our son Brogan Kelby. On Sunday, the three of us went to Big Deluxe Tattoo in Salt Lake and got matching tattoos. Don't tell my mom. She'll freak!

The tattoo is a symbol of Brogan's initials, and it illustrates the bond that he has with Mrs. Nuke 'Em and me.


I got crap on my shirt at lunch. Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/15/2011 | Filed In: Todd Nuke 'Em | Boofy | Kmart | shirt

I got crap on my shirt at lunch.

I don't want you to ever assume that I am a cool guy. Yes, I have a cool job--there is no question about that. But as a person, I'm just a nerd. And I can prove it. Today at lunch, I went to meet my lovely wife Boofy at her new office. We slipped away and went to a restaurant where we ordered our food and enjoyed our meal. I started out the day wearing a yellow T-shirt (to match the yellow shoes I'm wearing, of course). During the course of the meal I somehow managed not to spill anything on me. This in itself is somewhat of a significant accomplishment. As we stood up to go, I noticed that there was a tremendous ketchup and (hopefully) chocolate smudge all over my shirt.

It was from the edge of the table and I must have leaned my chest against it while eating. There was no way that I could clean this off in the restroom, and I didn't want to run around all day with this mess on my shirt.

Kmart to the rescue!

Fortunately, there is a Kmart next to my wife's new office, and I spent $9 on a shirt that is actually quite cool! I have to admit, this Kmart shirt is damn sexy.

And that is the story of my lunchtime adventure.



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