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Bill Talks TEDx cobrien |
04/09/2014 | Filed In: Bill Allred | Radio From Hell | RFH | Ted Talk

Bill Talks TEDx

TED is all about "ideas worth spreading." According to their website, anyway.  If you have spent even a little time on TED's page, well, you've spent a lot of time on their site.  It's addicting.  The talks are full of people who do things you have never thought of or may never do. Sometimes the topic is something you didn't know you didn't know were things people did or even thought about!

Bill's TEDx talk, "Whatever Else You Do, Pay Attention", is very thought-provoking. Especially if you're in a period of flux or starting "adult life."  Bill covers his academic career, acting and how it lead to radio, his trip to Nepal and how Radio From Hell works.  It's a great talk if you are thinking about how to cut your own path.  Take 16 minutes and listen. You'll catch a side of Bill you might not know by just being a Friend of the Program.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Billy Corgan Will Put On 8 Hour Performance jon | Mid Day
02/19/2014 | Filed In: kxrk | x96 | billy corgan | jon smith | smashing pumpkins | bad ass ms paint drawings.

Billy Corgan Will Put On 8 Hour Performance

As usual, I'm not allowed to use pictures. So I made my own!

Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan is looking to demonstrate his endurance later this month. I'm not sure if anyone has every questioned the endurance of Billy..  I mean, is that really something that comes up in conversation?  Anyways.  The bald frontman has announced plans to play for at least eight hours straight at his Chicago teahouse, Madame Zuzu's.  That sounds like fun.

Corgan says the "on the fly" performance will be "centered around an ambient/musical interpretation" of Herman Hesse's spiritual coming-of-age tale "Siddhartha." The epic gig is set to take place February 28th, and Corgan says information about the free admission will be announced soon. 

Everyone get through that?  Good because I damn near fell asleep writing it.  I had fun making the picture though.


Imagine Dragons makes history on Billboard Hot 100 todd | Program Director
02/12/2014 | Filed In: Imagine Dragons | Radioactive | Billboard | Hot 100 | Night Visions | X96 | Big Ass Show

Imagine Dragons makes history on Billboard Hot 100

They started out as a humble band playing in little venues in Provo, and now Imagine Dragons have reached super-star status. That's not an easy thing to accomplish in the world of entertainment, and it rarely happens to a band on their debut album. They've been selling out concerts all over the world, and their album Night Visions is about to go double-platinum.

Imagine Dragons are currently tied for having the longest run on the Billboard Hot 100 with their song "Radioactive." It's been on the chart for 76 weeks and will likely surpass the song it is tied with next week. (That song is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, in case you are curious.) Two years ago, most of us didn't know anything about Imagine Dragons, but they've worked hard and have pretty much taken over the world.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer band. We appreciate everything they've done for us and our listeners and we are excited to see their continued success.


Blog from Everest #1 Bill Allred |
05/21/2012 | Filed In: Everest | Bill Allred | Climbing

Blog from Everest #1


Thats the Nepali greeting for hello and goodby....namaste. This is a lei I received from Geljen Sherpa,one of our local guides and an associate of Dean Cardinale, the guy who runs World Wide Trekking and convinced me I could do this trip. Of course the first thing I did was have my picture taken wearing a sponsor T-shirt here at the Yak and Yeti hotel. Thanks Stockton 12 Honda. Then I proceeded to drink local beer. Photos of beer should accompany this post. I'm trying to open the market for Radio From Hell ale.

Coming soon....rickshaw races and, "sorry but you may not leave Kathmandu."




Me, As A Young Boy Bill Allred |
10/10/2011 | Filed In: Bill | chicken | smoking

Me, As A Young Boy

I am the boy on the right.

Thanks for listening,




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