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End of Summer Goings-On Richie T |
08/08/2014 | Filed In: Ok Go! | Ben Kweller | Ben Folds | Wicked | Western Round-Up | Hotel Transylvania | Pioneer Park Picture Show | Dumb and Dumber | Bees | Outdoor Retailers Summer Market

End of Summer Goings-On

Is the impending doom of “the end of summer” turning your last weeks of sunny freedom into a lazy, lackluster sob fest? Let me guess, you’re not going to do anything this weekend because all of the fun stuff has supposedly already happened? Well I am here to tell you that there are still plenty of fun and interesting things that are taking place this weekend that will most assuredly get your blood pumping with summer spirit.

In the mood for a little mood music? Tonight you have two choices: OK Go is playing The State Room and Ben Kweller is going to be at Urban Lounge. And tomorrow we get Ben Folds at the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater. You can find info for all three events Here. 

Looking to broaden your horizons and let a little culture in? Well, why not give Broadway a try? The smash hit Wicked is only gracing Capitol Theatre’s stage for a few more weeks. Don’t miss your chance to see this great show. You could also hit up Western Round-Up, a fun filled, FREE, farmers market event that is only happening today. Activities include food vendors, live music and a special screening of “Hotel Transylvania”. 

If you’re looking for a cool night under the stars then head up to Pioneer Park for their outdoor “Pioneer Park Picture Show”. Tonight’s showing is the always classic Dumb and Dumber, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Better see it now before the sequel hits theaters in November. The movie starts at nine P.M. tonight and is free of charge. 

And let’s not forget the great sports/athletic events that Salt Lake has to offer. Go out and catch one of The Salt Lake Bee’s three home games that are happening this weekend. And if baseball isn’t your thing, then get your butt to the Salt Palace and feast your eyes upon the hundreds of different sports retailers that are at the Outdoor Retailers summer Market.

And last but not least, we have an exiting new Real game going on tomorrow night. it's the 2013 U.S. open cup final rematch happening at Rio Tinto Stadium. They are up against D.C. United and in order to keep their sell-out streak alive we need 1,000 of you guys to get tickets and cheer our guys on. Anyone who is interested in tickets can call 801.727.2700. 

well, there you  have it people! Everything you need for a fun weekend right at your finger tips. stay safe and have fun! 

J.L. McCandless


Hiring: Star Wars' Cantina Needs Talent Corey O'Brien |
05/05/2014 | Filed In: Star Wars | Corey O'Brien | Ben Folds | Weird Al | College Humor | Liz Phair

Hiring: Star Wars' Cantina Needs Talent

As if you didn't get enough of "May the 4th Be With You" all over your Tweets, Facebooks and Snapchats yesterday, be on notice: it isn't the 5th you've gotta be weary of, especially in a video where Daughty is painted up like a Sith.

Small rant: three films come out in the 70's with effect and characters placed in a grand place, a place far, far away.  It had fresh-faced actors and a mythology about it.  It gave birth to fan-boy/girl culture and the world would never be the same. Some years later they make three more films, none of which anyone seemed to like.  Probably because we all carry warm and fuzzies for certain childhood things.  Hell, even I grew out of 311.  So at best, "Star Wars" is batting 50/50 and perhaps less if you count the fact that many people don't like "Jedi."  I ask that we all don't get overly excited over these new films.  

If your doctor were right half the time, you'd be a cripple.  Let's try and not let this galaxy cripple the culture and media until we see the "Episode 7."

Anyway, here is a video of Lisa Loeb, Ben Folds (who I will never tire of), Weird Al and a mixture of other trying to get in on this new bar band gig:



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