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Meet The Bands: Bastille Richie T |
09/17/2014 | Filed In: Richie T | X96 | Bastille

Meet The Bands: Bastille

Richie T caught up with Dan and Kyle from Bastille about new music, crashing Woody's honeymoon, and coming back to the U.S. Read a brief overview or listen to the full interview below.

New music?

Very soon, don’t worry. We’re working on it, we’ve got something coming out imminently and then a new album next year, hopefully as early as we can possibly get things finished. As soon as possible in terms of when that can happen, but before the end of this year we are releasing something else. Which may or may not be a mixtape.

Coming back to the U.S.:

We’re in L.A for the week, we’re doing some TV shows here, so we’ve just come. It feels nice, we haven’t been in the U.S all summer, we’ve been in Europe doing festivals. We did 40, about 40 festivals in pretty much every European country you’ve ever heard of. Which was really fun, it’s just nice to be back in the U.S., it’s so hot here!

Next U.S. tour:

We’re really excited about touring. We’re coming back in October/November as well so I’m sure you’ll be sick of us again very soon.

The reign of Bad Blood :

When we put out the first record we had no idea what it was going to do, we’ve kind of been riding it's wave a little bit for a while, so It’s going to be quite strange moving on to the next thing and seeing if It’s any good.

Trying to honeymoon with bandmate Woody:

Woody just got married a couple weeks ago, which felt very grown up. He demanded some time for a honeymoon so we all got a week off, which was wicked.

Richie T: Did you go on the honeymoon with him?

We tried, but his wife was not happy. We all do enough traveling together, the Honey Moon was a chance for us to be alone with our thoughts for once.

Going home: 

You hear lots of stories about people who at the end of tour don’t really know how to decompress. You’re so used to your whole day being planned out and scheduled and stuff and suddenly you find yourself back in London at home and you’re friends are at work and you’re like uh, what do I do? How do I feed myself?

Catch Bastille November 11th at the UCCU center. Get tickets HERE


My Top 10 Favorite U2 Songs todd | Program Director
09/16/2014 | Filed In: U2 | Apple | Itunes | Songs of Innocence

My Top 10 Favorite U2 Songs

Everybody on social media is freaking out about having the new U2 album—and I’ll use their word for it—forced upon them by Apple. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing when one of the biggest bands in the world decides to give you their new album for free.

It was apparently a smart move by U2 because since the Songs of Innocence album appeared in everyone’s iTunes, their back catalog started to sell like crazy. The Joshua Tree, War, Achtung Baby, and The Unforgettable Fire saw huge spikes in sales. When you start looking at the albums that shaped U2’s career, you begin to realize that there were some amazing songs that you probably paid for at some point in your life. Here are my top ten favorite U2 songs.









2. “BAD”

1. “PRIDE”


“Pride” has to be my all-time favorite because it is such a thoughtful song with an important message. It also came out when I was in my early teens and opened my eyes to so many social issues that I hadn’t seen in my life. It also was the song that got me hooked on U2.


Fresh X: Stream Alt-J's "This Is All Yours" Corey O'Brien |
09/15/2014 | Filed In: Alt-J | This Is All Yours | Fresh X | Spotify

Fresh X: Stream Alt-J's

Once again the future does one thing really good: it makes it so we don't have to wait for the future to hear new music. Though Alt-J's new album isn't due out until next week, the future has made it possible for you to hear it now.

The downside is the stream is on Spotify, so by the time you actually hear any of the album it may actually be next Tuesday and you can just buy it. Spotify works okay on my phone, but I only open it on my desktop when I feel like crashing my computer.

If you manage to hear it, let us know how it is.

Alt-J will be performing at The Complex on October 27th. Get your tickets for that show here.


Margaret Cho - Radio From Hell Richie T |
09/12/2014 | Filed In: rfh | margaretcho | wiseguys | wiseguyscomedy | kerribillgina |

Margaret Cho - Radio From Hell

Radio From Hell interviews the charming Margaret Cho.


Bill: Did you just do a pilot?

Margaret Cho: I just did a pilot earlier this year with the wonderful people that worked on 30 rock with me well, I worked with them. Tina Fay, Robert Carlock, Matt Hubbard and so that ended up not happening and ended up doing something else. It’s.. uh.. more like I..I want to get back to doing standup comedy and getting back out there so the new show that I’m doing tonight is called There’s no I in team but there is a Cho in Psycho.


Margaret Cho is Performing September 11-13 at WiseGuys Comedy  


Fresh X: New U2 Album, FREE! Corey O'Brien |
09/09/2014 | Filed In: U2 | iTunes | Bono | iPhone | iPhone 6 | Apple | Songs of Innocence

Fresh X: New U2 Album, FREE!

Not only are we getting new, bigger, slimmer iPhones this month, but we are getting the new U2 album today and it's free. If you are already an iTunes subscriber just go into the iTunes store, click on "purchased' link on the right hand side and download it as you have already purchased it for $0.00 whether you like it or not. If you aren't an iTunes subscriber you have 5 weeks to sign up and get it for free.

The band announced the offering after performing at the Apple announcement today, which can as a surprise because the band had said the album would be pushed to 2015. Lies! Then again, the band also said they wouldn't be at the event just two days ago.

You can watch the keynote and more about the event here.


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