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Cameron the Public interviewed by Richie T Richie T |
09/27/2013 | Filed In: Cameron the public | richie t | tyler robinson |

Cameron the Public interviewed by Richie T

Cameron the Public 


Listen Here



Richie: Lets talk about this benefits show on Oct 15 at the State Room for the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

Cameron: Tyler Robinson was my cousin who passed away in March of cancer an we along with the band Imagine Dragons started a foundation, the Tyler Robinson Foundation to benefit children with cancer. The proceeds will go to help families who cannot afford treatment for their kids suffering with cancer.

Richie: I just think its kind of funny like you said you work tirelessly for four years, show after show, and then the opportunity comes that your song is featured on a TV station and that's the thing that launches your band.

Cameron: Yeah, that's the one little thing, then we have another song that I was called in to do this song for the Boxer Manny Pacquiao for his walk out song and to go along with this movie release he has going on, its just an incredible documentary. Randy Jackson from American Idol and Chad Hugo from the Neptune's called me into the studio to finish this Theme song for Manny, and it's just one call one person says something and your off so it's just amazing what's happening for us. Its been three years of working and then this year it has just exploded, it's just crazy how the business works.

Richie: What kind of person was Tyler?

Cameron: Oh man I get goosebumps, Tyler was one of the kids who no matter what happened in his life he was always positive. Tyler was one of these people who was always able to cheer other people up and make things okay for other people. He was one of those people who always kept positive, he was one of those rare souls on this planet that literally made people feel that not matter what they were going through in there life, they think of Tyler's life and say I got it good compared to what he is going through, and he always stay positive. He has inspired so many people and Imagine Dragons even dedicated their song Demons to him. In Moscow Dan was saying people where throwing these white roses on stage in memorial of Tyler when they preformed that song.  

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Richie T Interviews Justin of Blue October Richie T |
09/16/2013 | Filed In: Richie T | interview | Blue October |

Richie T Interviews Justin of Blue October

Listen Here

On having his daughter on the bus with him:

"Ever sine I was a teenager people would ask me what is your goal in life? To sell a bunch of records and be able get a bus that sits your wife and your kids one day so that when you go out you can go everywhere with them. So now I get to live that dream, it's hanging out with them and then going and rocking until three in the morning and then hanging out with them again."

On life right now:

 "Things are amazing, I never knew that things could be so good ya know? I think back in 2008 when "Hate Me" blew up, that was a little crazy, that was real crazy. But now we're starting to feel that whole thing happen again with "Bleed Out" and I think I'm in a lot better place for it to happen. I enjoy life now, I enjoy every day."

On Depression:

 "I came out with songs like "The End" and songs like "Dirt Room" which were great songs, they just- they weren't connecting. I was taking that depression and that honesty and I was pushing it up so far up everybody's face that it was like oh god, this guy's got some crazy ass issues. Which of course I did, but I could have stopped and gone, yeah that's the song not me. But what's really cool about now is that I can get on stage and I play them- man all that energy is so much more there and say (whining) look at me! Now it's just so much passion.


Richie T interviews alt-J Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
04/30/2013 | Filed In: X96 | alt-J | Richie T | Interview

Richie T interviews alt-J

Gus Unger-Hamilton (of alt-J) sits down with Richie T for an interview after X96's private performance and their concert later that night at The Complex on April 22nd!

alt-J Private Performance: CLICK HERE!

alt-J Meet & Greet: CLICK HERE!

alt-J @ The Complex: CLICK HERE!


Richie T interviews AWOLNATION Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
04/19/2013 | Filed In: X96 | AWOLNATION | Richie T | The Grand Kerfuffle | Interview

Richie T interviews AWOLNATION

Arron Bruno (of AWOLNATION) sits down with Richie T before their tour stop at the U of U's annual Grand Kerfuffle 2013 on April 19th! Want to see photos of their performance? Follow the links to check them out!

AWOLNATION @ The Grand Kerfuffle 2013: CLICK HERE!



INTERVIEW: 311 Unity Tour 2012 Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
06/07/2012 | Filed In: 311 | Slightly Stoopid | SOJA | August | X96 | United Concerts | USANA Amphitheatre | ON SALE | Richie T | Interview

INTERVIEW: 311 Unity Tour 2012



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