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The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It Corey O'Brien |
09/23/2014 | Filed In: Final Fantasy | XBox | Playstation | Video Games | Gaming | Nerd | Geek | Cosplay

The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It

I remember sitting for hours and hour playing Final Fantasy II. That's right, I said part two.  Do you know why I could sit and play Final Fantasy II for hours and hours? Because you could actually play it. It was a game, with objectives. 

So, my gripe: jumping a full generation ahead we have the first peek at Final Fantasy XV. Like many before it and many after Final Fantasy III there isn't as much gaming. Sure, you can put in forty, eighty or more hours on per new volume, but after playing the last few editions I felt I was watching a movie and not playing a game. I was being lulled into submission and passivity rather than the active passivity I achieve from playing most games, watching "Transformers" movies or writing blogs while sending emails while watching "Transformers" movies at 10:30p. What went wrong with this once great gaming franchise?

You may disagree with the last paragraph but when "game" gets removed from "video game" we have left the fun dome. Yeah, the Fun Dome is gone, too. Though I hear kids are getting educated there, which is probably better than what I got from my time spent there: mini golf, roller skating and batting cages. It's why I am a radio guy and not lawyer.

The trailer looks amazing but if every 5 minutes of gameplay is interrupted with over-indulgent clips, well, I just cant hang. I guess we will wait and see.

You decide:



Alta: Will We Be Snowboarding There This Year? Corey O'Brien |
09/23/2014 | Filed In: Skiing | Snowboarding | Alta | Utah | Snobbish | Ski Utah | Shred Utah | Snowbird

Alta: Will We Be Snowboarding There This Year?

I used to date this lady who was an avid skier. She was and probably is a big time Alta-prideful rider. That's the kind way to put it. A bit snobbish about her riding habits would be another way to put it.

I skied for one season and then picked up a snowboard and never went back. It was a Forum 154, wide board with Ralph Steadman artwork on it from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." A heavy, but epic board. 

Anyway, I was proud with my new board, so when I asked her if she would like to go riding together I was met with, "Snowboarders are slow and you can't ride Alta." The slow part I may have been able to compete with, but not the Alta part. I can say her response revealed where I stood with her socio-economically and legally. Sometimes life delivers those lessons in blunt ways.

It seems the lawsuit fought on the grounds that it was some sort of modern, affluent prejudice against those who ride the on one stich will not get the privilege of the hill East of Snowbird. The judge basically said the law's road map didn't draw a path for snowboarders to Alta.

The good new is we still have Snowbird, Brighton, Beaver, Snowbasin and all the other civilized resorts. It's better there. People ride hard and in harmony at those mountains.

Read the pro's report on it here.

Or just watch it.


Musician Talia Keys stops by Radio From Hell Richie T |
09/19/2014 | Filed In: Radio From Hell | RFH | Talia Keys | Interview |

Musician Talia Keys stops by Radio From Hell

Talia Keys stops by to play the Potty Break Song live and chat with the RFH crew about being a musician in Utah. Read a brief overview or listen to the whole interview below.

Bill: How did you come to be who you are? Talia: Growing up here and having an open minded mother, I was raised by a single mom and she supported my music from a very young age, bought me instruments. Bill: Always wanted to do music? Talia: Yeah, from a young age, or something. I was starving for attention as a child. So basically, just having to support a family and wanting to do music. But just the last six years I’ve been playing, I’d say professionally. Making money. Bill: You were telling me before you played the song, you’re actually able to support yourself doing music now? Talia: Because I live in my mom’s basement, the American dream! Gina: But she can buy gas, and she can buy lunch… Talia: Exactly! But yeah I do, this is what I do full time is music.

Bill: When you travel you travel with a band mostly? Talia: Mostly, yeah. This was my first solo thing where it’s kind of like I need to go cross-country but we can’t afford to go as a whole band so I went. But yeah my band Marinade is pretty much who I’ve gigged with for the last five years straight, relentlessly. Bill: And you still do stuff with that band as well. Talia: Yup, we’re playing this weekend and next weekend. Gina: You’re busy, I’ve got your website up. Talia: Tonight I’m going to see Elton John, but no tomorrow I’m playing at the Ogden Equinox festival. It’s kind of a local music festival that’s happening, low key. We party hard in Ogden, don’t tell Fox news.  


Richie Interviews Paul Stanley of K.I.S.S Richie T |
09/19/2014 | Filed In: #paulstanley #kiss #richietsteadman

Richie Interviews Paul Stanley of K.I.S.S

"What has surprised you about doing the arena football team, and the television show?" - Richie T

“That it’s not as easy as one might think to have a winning (arena football) team. It’s all great and good to have ideas, concepts, and strategies. But the more people who are involved, the more chance there is of something going wrong. So, to have a team, and a coaching staff, and an executive staff. Having everyone trying to work toward the same end is just not as easy as I’ve, quite honestly hoped. Incredibly exciting and rewarding. It’s challenging and that’s what life’s all about is challenge.” - Paul Stanley 



Richie T. interviews Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island Richie T |
09/18/2014 | Filed In: rfh | richieTsteadman | gilligan's island | dawn wells | mary ann |

Richie T. interviews Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island

Richie T. interviews Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. 


Richie T: What’s going on for you now Dawn? Dawn Wells: “You look around the world today and we were seven misfits trying to get along, And the world is broader than that but we are all misfits trying to get along...And there’s a different opportunity for each culture and we need to open our hearts a little bit. “

Dawn Wells is currently on her book tour for her latest book called What Would Mary Ann Do? : A guide to life  


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