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Tool explains WHY it's taking so long to get to music. jon | Mid Day
07/16/2014 | Filed In: tool | slc | utah | new | x96 | jon smith | kxrk

Tool explains WHY it's taking so long to get to music.

We’ve been hearing for YEARS now “oh yeah, there’s a new Tool album coming”. Literally, YEARS. Which is almost long enough for me to have played “10,000 Days” from start to finish.


Wait, which one of these is about Prison Sex?

The members of Tool are now opening up and explain that some legal issues have added to the delay, and are mostly to blame for the gap between albums. Maynard and Co. tell the assholes at "Rolling Stone" that for the past seven years, they've been dealing with a series of lawsuits and countersuits. This hullabaloo started when a friend of guitar man Adam Jones wanted credit for artwork he claimed he gave the band. Tool's insurance company then sued the band "over technicalities" in the case, then Tool said “NUH UH” and responded with a countersuit.



Wait, did he call the people from Rolling Stone assholes?  

This specific case is set to go to trial in January, but Jones says these legal issues have had an impact on the band members' relationships with each other, and adds that it's "hard to be creative when you have something awful nagging at you."

Still, Tool has found time to work on new material for the follow-up to the band's 2006 effort "10,000 Days." Drummer Danny Carey says they hope to have "something really solid" recorded by the end of the year, but he admits he said the same thing last year.  

I suppose we'll wait and see!





Broadway Street: Our New Home. Then and Now Richie T |
07/15/2014 | Filed In: Broadway Media | New Studio | History | Salt Lake City | Radio From Hell

Broadway Street: Our New Home. Then and Now

For all those who haven't heard, we have moved studios!!! I know, we have only been talking about moving for the past...uh.. forever; but, just so you know our new office is located at 50 W Broadway(300 S). So, I know what you're thinking and no, you can't pick up your prizes and concert tickets at the old Trolley Corners stations. We won't be there, so don't try. It is a giant building with "Broadway Media" on the side. You can't miss it.



It looks like this!

Broadway street(or 300 S, whatever you want to call it) is full of history. This new building/home to X96 is about to join this historic part of town. Let's take a look at what else is on Broadway!



Pictured above is the old Zephyr club, located on 301 S, West Temple. This club, closed since October 2003, used to be home many great live acts such as Morrisey, 311, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and many more. Now it just sits there and takes up space. There has been talk of turning it into a parking lot, but so far nothing has been done.


This old Deli was established in the 1960s by a german couple, the Linners. Since the death of founder, Erich Linner in 1993, Linner's hasn't had much business and is now closed.



Squatter's Pub(147 W Broadway) has become a hub for local brews in Salt Lake City and has been a  longtime advocate of local business for the community and is powered by BlueSky wind power



Broadway Hotel was built shortly after the completion of two major rail depots in the city. Built circa 1905, this is on eof the earliest hotels in Salt Lake City.

Okay, enough with the history lessons. Now let's show you our office and our shiny new toys!!!



    (Since when did we get an Atari in the new office?! Oh wait, it's just editing equipment. Maybe I can still get it to play some old pitfall games..)  















Salt Lake's Newest Convention Will Have You In Stitches Corey O'Brien |
07/14/2014 | Filed In: Yarn | Butt | True Story Bro | Jeans | Fashion

Salt Lake's Newest Convention Will Have You In Stitches

You've seen them worn at the Twilight Concert Series, Motley Crue concerts, folks who hang out at piano bars or on middle-aged dudes who drive Corvettes. Now it's mainstream. X96 is proud to sponsor the first ever Yarn-Butt Con.

"It's a whole culture and way of life." - Susan Dazzle

As Salt Lake continues to grow we also continue to bring in larger conventions. Organizers for events that were once held in bigger, more cosmopolitan cities have discovered Utah. Times are changing along the Wasatch Front to the point where more and more people are saying things like, "Wow, Salt Lake is really growing up" or "Ya know, Salt Lake City really is coming into its own. Perhaps I'll open up a hotpot restaurant" or "What's Uber?"

There is no denying it. In a few years we won't even remember there once was an abandoned building standing where people over 30 told us the Zephyr Club used to be.

That is why X96 is proud to sponsor of the first annual Yarn-Butt Con.

Yarn-Butt aficionados will pack the 3rd hall on the West side of the Salt Palace Convention Center in late September to show off the latest in large-stitch technology. "It's not always the size of the stitch but the placement, curvature and even spacing that really make that yarn pop" said convention spokesperson, Susan Dazzle. "It's more than just pants though. It's a whole culture and way of life. Being this is the first year the con is in Salt Lake we really want to show not just the attendees, but the world, what yarn-butt is really all about."

For those of you who don't know, Yarn-Butt is when extra large stitching is used in jeans and the occasional shirt for a fashionable effect. It is sometimes accompanied by fake jewels either glued or fastened on to the denim for added eye-catching showiness. Yarn-Butt is often fashioned into dragons, Fleur de Lys, random dates that signify nothing or letters, which also signify nothing.

  Nikki Peedles, yarn-butt consultant and former Pinterest expert.

Dazzle was proud to announce Nikki Peedles, yarn-butt consultant of the stars, will be making an appearance as the Grand Marshall of this year's con.  She has worked for Bogart McConaughey, brother of Matthew, that guy you always see at the bar wearing guyliner and really shiny hair gel and that dude who cut you off in his illegally jacked-up F150 and the guy who can tell you which bronzer is the best for your particular skin tone. 

"This is about expression through the stitching on your jeans. There's not a better way stand out and tell people who you really are in such a person way." exclaims Nikki. "Embroidery is radical, like throwing tea into a harbor, being a birther or being a Supreme Court Judge."

Accessory booths for wallet chains, spiked belts and bedazzled shirts will round out the convention.

Find more information about the movement and the First Annual Salt lake City Yarn-Butt Con by watching the official Yarn-Butt Con video here.


Kerry's Odyssey to The San Diego Comic Con Corey O'Brien |
07/14/2014 | Filed In: San Diego Comic Con | Kerry | Radio From Hell | Geek Show Podcast | Comics | Movies

Kerry's Odyssey to The San Diego Comic Con

Kerry's Log 07/26/14:

Kerry finds himself in the midst of a Walking Dead apocalypse.  Will Kerry and the Geek Show Podcast make it out alive? You should really just watch the video and see for yourself.


Kerry's Log 07/26/14:

Kerry and the Geek Show guys take a leap from the Assassin's Creed tower.  Were ankles rolled? Did anyone chicken out? Can one of the Geek Show fellows actually fly? Watch the video to find out.



Kerry's Log 07/21/14:

Kerry is on his way with the Geek Show Podcast to the San Diego Comic Con International. Check out the sweet wheels Stockton 12 Honda set Kerry and the guys up with so they can roll down in comfort and style. Check out the video so you can see what name Kerry has bestowed their Odyssey with and keep coming back for more updates from THE Comic Con.


Kerry Jackson is heading to the San Diego Comic Con July 24th through the 27th.  He's hitting the road in a new Honday Odyssey with his Geekshow Podcast cohorts and will be updating this page with news, video, pictures, interviews and all the geek you can get on you.  Also, listen to Radio From Hell for updates during the con. Kerry's Odyssey to San Diego Comic Con is superpowered by Stockton 12 Honda.


The Radio From Hell Show is MOVING, Finally!! Richie T |
07/11/2014 | Filed In: Radio From Hell | Salt Lake City | The Big Move | Interns

The Radio From Hell Show is MOVING, Finally!!

Hey, Organized Intern here. Just wanted to remind you all, in case we haven't discussed it enough, that we're moving today! Which means that for the next week or two, things might go wrong... so it should be exactly what you're used to!!

But seriously, folks, the podcasts might not be up in a timely manner; if you call in - the interns might accidentally hang up on you; the live video feed may go in and out; the possibilities of what could go wrong are endless. So, please, be patient with us as we transition to the new (and hopefully MUCH MUCH BETTER) studio located at:

50 W Broadway (300 South) Salt Lake City, UT 84101

If you have any thoughts on how our magical new station can make your ear holes happy, you be sure to email Richie T richie@x96.com and let him know how.

And thanks for listening!

X Organized Intern 


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