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New stuff from Faith No More?/ jon | Mid Day
06/03/2014 | Filed In: x96 | faith no more | Jon Smith

New stuff from Faith No More?/

 Could we be getting NEW Faith No More music this year? Please Lord, let this happen.  I don't ask for much..   We did see a FNM reunion tour recently sans guitar man Jim Martin. So I guess that's something.  

I’m a huge Faith No More fan. In fact, Angel Dust was my very FIRST “Parental Advisory” CD. I had my older brother buy it for me, and to this day I hide it from my mom. Anyway, back on topic..



It's been under my mattress for 22 years..  I need a new matress.


Faith No More’s Mike Patton recently started a Twitter account for the band. That’s a good sign. THEN he participated in that oh so important internet tradition, the selfie. Sigh. He said the recent "reunion thing" was fun, but "now it's time to get a little creative." COULD that mean a new album? If so I doubt he’d ever get Martin back in the lineup. Martin is still no over his mystical feud with the band and has only spoken about them publicly once since 1992.



This was how we new what CD's we wanted in the 1990's


In the meantime, however, FNM fans can look forward to seeing the band in London on July 4th and in Poland on July 5th. I won’t be going. Feel bad for me.


Todd Nuke 'Em Reviews the New Peter Murphy Album todd | Program Director
06/03/2014 | Filed In: Peter Murphy | Bauhaus | Lion | Goth | Dark Wave

Todd Nuke 'Em Reviews the New Peter Murphy Album

Lion by Peter Murphy

In the early 90’s, Peter Murphy scored some huge hits with songs like “A Strange Kind of Love” and “Cuts You Up.” While he continued to release solo material since then, none of it really lived up to his Deep album. Lion still can’t surpass that—it would be difficult to do—but this is still quality music. For those who don’t know, Peter Murphy is one of the architects of Dark Wave or Goth music. He started his career as the vocalist for Bauhaus and then went on to have a respectable solo career. He was bellowing about Bella Lugosi’s death long before glittery teenage vampires pouted in books and on the big screen.

One of my complaints of his recent solo material was the lack of energy in the songs. He solved that problem by recruiting production genius Youth (from Killing Joke) to produce this new album. That isn’t to say that every song is a throbbing up-tempo delight; you still get slower interludes like “The Rose” that stand out nicely. This has everything a Peter Murphy fan will enjoy, with a little bit of electronics added in to keep the groaning guitars moving along at a toe-tapping beat.

Songs like “I Am My Own Name,” and “Low Tar Stars” thump along to keep the energy up. “Holy Crown” has a Joy-Division influenced bass line that matches Murphy’s crooning deep vocals. Other parts of the album feel like Nine Inch Nails played a contributing factor.

Peter Murphy is the grandfather of Goth, and in some ways you can tell that time hasn’t been especially kind to his vocal cords. Indeed there are moments when he screams so agonizingly loud that you fear for his throat’s well-being. But that isn’t really a bad thing. For Peter Murphy, emotion is conveyed in every way possible; if the man needs to scream, then let him.

If you are a Peter Murphy fan, you will like this album quite a bit. Also keep in mind that he is playing June 25th at The Depot.  


Stream Jack White's "Lazaretto" NOW! Corey O'Brien |
06/03/2014 | Filed In: Jack White | Lazaretto | Stream | New Music | Corey O'Brien

Stream Jack White's

Slip on your velvet slippers, pour your favorite brown liquid into some fine glassware, fine your favorite chair and your best headphones because you have to wait no longer.  You can listen to Jack White's second solo album, "Lazaretto" a full week before the release on June 10th.  Just click here and be swept off that magical land of Apples and Jack.


UofU, After Watching This I Want My Money Back Corey O'Brien |
06/03/2014 | Filed In: UofU | University of Utah | Humor | Sad | College

UofU, After Watching This I Want My Money Back

Remember Barney the dino? The purple, deep-voiced, singing kid's entertainer? Well, that plush distraction is Ryan Gosling times cooler than what these tools at the U have put together.

A barbershop quartet would have been less embarrassing than what is contained in this video.  When did higher education become a joke?

This video was made to thank donors, but the donors may want to ask for their money back and rightly so.  If this is what students and administrators are doing with their money: shedding dignity, then perhaps their money would be put to better use at a college that takes itself more seriously.  

As a graduate of the U I can say this is embarrassing. If I'd wanted this experience and publicity I would have gone to BYU or Taffy Town.


BONERS: It's Not Rape If Emotions Are Involved... Right? Richie T |
06/03/2014 | Filed In: Boner | Health Care | Roosevelt | Duke | Rape

BONERS: It's Not Rape If Emotions Are Involved... Right?

Recap for Boner of the Day (Tuesday June 3, 2014). 3 news stories -- examples of bad, stupid, or funny human behavior. You will decide with your vote who is the worst, most deserving, of the award no one wants to win: the Boner of the Day. Boner: it means mistake.

Boner Candidate #1 – Another Example of Why We Need A National Health Care System

Florida Insurers Accused Of Discriminating Against People With HIV. Two health organizations filed a complaint with federal health officials Thursday alleging some Florida insurance companies are violating the Affordable Care Act by structuring their insurance plans in a way that discourage consumers with HIV and AIDS from choosing those plans.

Read More

Boner Candidate #2 – Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Man claiming to be Teddy Roosevelt's relative banned from Bluffton hotel. A Florida man claiming to be the descendant of a U.S. president was banned from a Bluffton hotel last week after he threatened to hit the manager.

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Boner Candidate #3 – It Wasn’t Rape – She Got Emotional

Duke Student Sues For Diploma After He's Expelled for Sexual Assault. A senior at Duke University who was banned from graduating after a school panel found him responsible for raping an "emotional" classmate has filed suit to get his degree so he can accept a "prestigious position" offered to him by a firm on Wall Street.

Lewis McLeod, a psychology major from Australia, says that, without his degree, his entire future is on hold. According to the motion filed by Schwartz & Shaw of Raleigh, McLeod took a female Duke student back to his home on Nov. 14. McLeod alleges their sex was consensual and that the woman "got emotional" and began to cry.

Read More

It was a close contest today with the boners. Usually there is a clear-cut winner, but not today! Boner #3 “It Wasn’t Rape – She Got Emotional” won by ONE vote for the “coveted” Boner of the Day Award.  


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