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SB Dance: "Of Meat & Marrow" - Oct. 25th-27th - Rose Wagner Center Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
10/14/2013 | Filed In: X96 | Presents | SB Dance | Of Meat & Marrow | Rose Wagner Center | October

SB Dance:

We have a Halloween Night out for you Daring athletes, live rock band, and a state-of-the-art production take you on a twisted alternative performance adventure. It's Rocky Horror for the new century. Mature content. 70 minutes no intermission. At the Rose Wagner Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

AfterLife AfterParty on Friday and Saturday is a backstage party with dancing and supernatural beverage from Divining Rod.

"Kids aren't the only ones who can trick or treat" -- READ MORE from SLUGMag

Made possible through the generous support of Denkers Family Foundation and the Williard Eccles Foundation.

night on Friday!

Fri & Sat, Oct 25 & 26th - 8pm AfterLife AfterParty @ 9:20pm Sun, Oct 27th - 4pm No After-party

Tickets 801-355-ARTS or arttix.org Performance - $12.50-$27.50 AfterLife AfterParty: $10-$12.50 (includes 2 beverages) MUST CALL

Discounts Buy before 10/10/13 for over 20% off Strange Angel: 6 or more tickets for 30% off (phone only) Sunday matinee: 10% off Other deals: Close to the Band seating, students, seniors


Nitro Circus Live - January 17th - EnergySolutions Arena Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
10/03/2013 | Filed In: X96 | Travis Pastrana | Nitro Circus Live | EnergySolutions Arena | January | 2014

Nitro Circus Live - January 17th - EnergySolutions Arena

Get ready for the world’s most exciting, adrenalin-charged, live action-sports show when Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live 2014 launches into EnergySolutions Arena January 17th!

Date: 2014-01-17 Time: 7:30 PM Ticket Price: $37-$137

Special Information: On Sale: May 24 @ 10am.

For tickets: CLICK HERE!





Sir Sly Richie T |
09/30/2013 | Filed In: Richie T | Sir Sly | Ghost | Gold

Sir Sly

Sir Sly

Listen Here


It all started in a church I grew up playing music in churches and stuff. That’s where I got my start, where I found equipment that was good enough to play on…I taught myself piano and guitar and then started writing songs at like 13. I met our drummer Hayden doing that stuff and then we met Jason because we were looking to be able to produce some songs. That quickly turned into us all writing music together once we were a little bit older. So Jason produces all of the stuff, he mixes all of it, and we work together on writing all the stuff together.

“Ghost” I think that was kinda the breakthrough for us of incorporating a lot of our other - a lot of the influences we had as far as electronic music goes. Some of the beats that you hear in there are from the hip-hop inspiration that I grew up with. So it was kind of a drawing of those influences. It was the first time that we felt free to explore all of the options we had in one kind of song.

Family Support My mom always wanted to be a writer though, so it was one of those, it was a classic case of she never totally got to do what she wanted to do professionally, I think. So she was also very supportive and I think the same thing happened with my dad. I grew up with him being an appliance repair man...all my family have always really liked music that I’ve made so I think it makes it a lot easier.

The Entity, Sir Sly 8:30 I wrote the name down on a piece of paper and it felt like - the way we talk about it now - is that it feels like this person that isn’t any of us but we’re kind of aspiring to be. Like you hear the name and it makes you think of the kind of music that we want to be playing, how hard we wanna be working to make the best music we can and do things that we’re proud of and I think that’s why the name stuck. It felt like something that wasn’t us but something that we wanted to become…It basically sounded like the name of a person, or the name of an entity, that we thought worked out. The word, “sly”, was a nickname but it’s also an adjective and it kind of describes a little bit of those darker sensibilities of the music.

All the bass sounds and stuff, the way we would listen to it and move to it in the studio, it always had a little bit of that slinky kind of vibe to it.

“Gold” I think I was driving from Starbucks, from my job at Starbucks to the studio that day. And I had that first line bouncing around in my head, that repetition line of, “my mouth is made of metal”. And that turned into kind of a play on that repetition. And then the lyrics are inspired by a lot of the stuff that you see around today, whether  

Listen Here


Cameron the Public interviewed by Richie T Richie T |
09/27/2013 | Filed In: Cameron the public | richie t | tyler robinson |

Cameron the Public interviewed by Richie T

Cameron the Public 


Listen Here



Richie: Lets talk about this benefits show on Oct 15 at the State Room for the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

Cameron: Tyler Robinson was my cousin who passed away in March of cancer an we along with the band Imagine Dragons started a foundation, the Tyler Robinson Foundation to benefit children with cancer. The proceeds will go to help families who cannot afford treatment for their kids suffering with cancer.

Richie: I just think its kind of funny like you said you work tirelessly for four years, show after show, and then the opportunity comes that your song is featured on a TV station and that's the thing that launches your band.

Cameron: Yeah, that's the one little thing, then we have another song that I was called in to do this song for the Boxer Manny Pacquiao for his walk out song and to go along with this movie release he has going on, its just an incredible documentary. Randy Jackson from American Idol and Chad Hugo from the Neptune's called me into the studio to finish this Theme song for Manny, and it's just one call one person says something and your off so it's just amazing what's happening for us. Its been three years of working and then this year it has just exploded, it's just crazy how the business works.

Richie: What kind of person was Tyler?

Cameron: Oh man I get goosebumps, Tyler was one of the kids who no matter what happened in his life he was always positive. Tyler was one of these people who was always able to cheer other people up and make things okay for other people. He was one of those people who always kept positive, he was one of those rare souls on this planet that literally made people feel that not matter what they were going through in there life, they think of Tyler's life and say I got it good compared to what he is going through, and he always stay positive. He has inspired so many people and Imagine Dragons even dedicated their song Demons to him. In Moscow Dan was saying people where throwing these white roses on stage in memorial of Tyler when they preformed that song.  

Get Tickets 


Mumford and Sons Will Take a Break! jon | Mid Day
09/23/2013 | Filed In: Mumford and Sons | alternative | x96 | Jon Smith | folky rock

Mumford and Sons Will Take a Break!

I still can't help but think of Mumford the Magician from Sesame Street everytime I hear a Mumford and Sons tune.  Which means everytime I hear Little Lion Man, I can imagine someone yelling "ALA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES" in the background of some seedy english pub.   My world is awesome.


But it looks like Mumford and Sons are taking a little time off. The British folk-rockers made the last tour stop behind their Grammy-winning album "Babel" this past Friday in Kansas, and now keyboardist Ben Lovett tells "Rolling Stone" there are no Mumford & Sons activities scheduled "for the foreseeable future." Lovett says they have no idea how long the break might be, adding that he and his bandmates are just excited to be "free of schedules." The past year has been a dramatic one for the Mumfords. It began with their Grammy win for Album of the Year back in February, and reached a scary point after bassist Ted Dwane had emergency brain surgery that left him on the sidelines for a few weeks. Dwane made a full recovery, but he says the band could definitely use a "little rest." 


Don't worry, I'm sure Phillip Phillips and The Lumineers will keep the folksy types happy in the meantime.







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