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Ok-Sober-Fest?!? Corey O'Brien |
05/27/2014 | Filed In: Snowbird | Oktoberfest | Corey O'Brien | UDABC | Beer


The 90 and 100 degree Summer days start to end as you look to the lovely mountains. The Alpenhorn echoes down the canyon and you can nearly hear it. Maybe it’s just in your heart. It’s probably because you know it’s time for some bratwurst, Perogies and your choice of chilled brew in a tall stein while taking in the visions of majesty Snowbird has to offer. Well don’t let the sound of that giant needles scratching a record pull you away from your Fall-time fantasy…or do.

If the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control or UDABC follows through on its new policy, it will be a dry Oktoberfest. At that point I am not even sure what you'd call it. You can ask, “Do you really need beer to have an Oktoberfest?” Well, you don’t have to drink it, but it flies in the face of anything called Oktoberfest. Are we now going to let them water down a tradition that has been going on at Snowbird for decades become as watered down as the suds flowing out of those keg trailers? I, for one, hope not. 

According The Salt Lake Tribune's article, “the state liquor commission is getting tough about granting single-event permits to business.” A slippery slope this could be indeed for those who enjoy their social lubrication at some of the state’s events throughout the, well, event season. Could this mean no libation for events such as Pride, The Utah Arts Festival or The Living Traditions festivals? Could this attitude leak over to events like The Big Ass Show or Summer Jam? Twilight?

According the to Trib’s article, the state uses a two-tired test to determine who gets these single-event passes: One, one-time or unique event that lasts only a few days and used by a civic or community group to promote a good cause. Basically, they are talking about non-profits. Perhaps a celebration of a German tradition doesn’t serve the common good in the eyes of the DABC. It’s always made me feel pretty good. Will the people raise their voices or just empty steins?


Who Could Possibly Hate Sofia Vergara? Corey O'Brien |
05/23/2014 | Filed In: Jimmy Kimmel Live | Sofia Vergara | Corey O'Brien | Twitter | Mean Tweets

Who Could Possibly Hate Sofia Vergara?

I can see hating Chevy Chase or Anne Coulter, but Sofia Vergara?  She is so cute!  Her accent.  Her smile. Her...assests.  Not to go full-on objectifying her, but my eyes have done seen the promised land! She is a globally powerful and sexy woman who genuinely seems happy and comfortable in her success.  In that regard she's like Bryan Cranston or Dave Grohl.  Those two.  Have you ever seen two happier people? These are people who have internalized they station in life and seem to truly appreciate where they have made it to. Most of us, myself included, could win $250,000 and complain that it wasn't a million.

So, here we are.  Chapter 7 of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets."  Some people have such random hate in their hearts.  Don Cheadle?  He's Iron Man's sidekick.  How they hell can you hate him? 

I will say, I had to watch the Andy Garcia one about 8 times.  I've never said "f*ck Andy Garcia" ever.  Not once or 100 times, but I remember "The Godfather 3" and we are all entitled to probably say it at least twice after those credits roll. If you made it that far.  Then again, Mr. Garcia is another seemingly happy guy.

America hates happy people. 

People just hate.


Jack White Wants To Be A Cotton Ball Sculplter Corey O'Brien |
05/23/2014 | Filed In: Jack White | Corey O'Brien | Lazzaretto | Interview | Dead Weather | The Dead Weather | The Racontours

Jack White Wants To Be A Cotton Ball Sculplter

So there I was two nights ago.  I was embracing my insomnia and listening to music when I forgot about this podcast I had, which I managed to keep forgetting to listen to. It was about 11:30p, so I did what anyone who wants to focus on something does: I went for a walk.  I walked from my house to the University of Utah and back down South Temple enjoying how nice the city can look when you only see its form.  The lack of detail was good, non-distracting company.  The perfect place to be to listen to my favorite musician talk about his upcoming album.

Jack White's new album will finally be released on June 10th.  It's his second solo album and there are rumors of another Racountours album along with an infrequent release of music from The Dead Weather.  And since he has a new album coming out he has been hitting the interview gauntlet pretty hard.  The one must here interview is from NPR's "All Songs Considered" where Jack breaks down some of the new songs, his songwriting, his love of studio spontaneity and his dislike for keeping things around that aren't perfect.

If you've been waiting for some new music from Mr. White and June 10th still seems too far away this interview should tide you over.

Click here and enjoy the interview.


The Strokes Are Ear Teasers Corey O'Brien |
05/21/2014 | Filed In: The Strokes | Strokes | Corey O'Brien | Julian Casablancas | The Voidz

The Strokes Are Ear Teasers

The Strokes, oh the times I've had listening to you. There's that one time 6 friends and myself put $40 into the jukebox at Dick N' Dixies and proceeded to close the bar down singing every song in your catalogue.  The patrons hated us.  We didn't care. Or the time we invented that holiday, "Strokesgiving" - for those of you who want to know it takes place the Saturday proceeding Thanksgiving.  It's basically getting friends together and taking over a jukebox and singing for hours...you get the idea.

There was that time I met a really cute girl in Vegas and we talked about our favorite songs from The Strokes. We totally made out and I got her phone number, but she was from Australia. 

So many good times have come to my life from this band's music.

Anyway, they posted the picture today on Facebook today.  I can't wait! Give me this now...oh, and you can follow them on Facebook here.

Also, Julian Casablancas is getting ready to launch his second solo album with his new backing band, The Voidz.


Salt Lake, Ty Burrell Wants To Make Out With You Corey O'Brien |
05/21/2014 | Filed In: TV | Ty Burrell | Modern Family | Salt Lake City | Corey O'Brien

Salt Lake, Ty Burrell Wants To Make Out With You

The proprietor of two of the most popular bars in Salt Lake (Bar X and Beer Bar), actor and star of "Modern Family", Ty Burrell, loves Salt Lake so much that he wrote us a nice little love letter.  As picked up by the Trib via the Huffington Posts "Love Letter" section, Ty wrote about Salt Lake:

"I’m fairly certain that you’re about to explode onto the national scene in the way that some other smaller cities have in the past 10 years," Burrell wrote in the Huffington Post letter. "I will try to keep my jealousies at bay as people move here."

Read the full letter here and swoon away in a bubble bath.

So Salt Lake, don't ever sell yourself short again.  Get some hair product and an expensive shirt from Nordstrom Rack because we have a date with a star.


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