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INTERVIEW: Neon Trees Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
06/08/2012 | Filed In: Neon Trees | Picture Show | Sold Out | Sean Demery



The Neon Trees are performing on TONIGHT at The Depot (SOLD OUT) with Chain Gang of 1974. Neon Trees stop by the X96 studio before their show to do an interview with Sean Demery!



And you can also buy there new album by clicking the cover below:



Episode Of Beavis & Butt-Head Featured 'It's So Cold In The D', Artist Now Receiving Threats Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
12/06/2011 | Filed In: Beavis And Butthead | T-Baby | It's So Cold In The D | Death Threats | Funny

Episode Of Beavis & Butt-Head Featured 'It's So Cold In The D', Artist Now Receiving Threats

Video After The Jump

The 15 minutes of fame Detroit rapper T-Baby received when her video was shown during a recent episode of Beavis & Butt-Head, has turned into a nightmare.

T-Baby's video "It's So Cold In the D" first gained fame 3 years ago when it was uploaded to youtube, but it wasn't until the Beavis & Butt-Head episode aired did it take off nationally. Since then the rapper says she's been receiving threatening racist text messages.

Now she is afraid for her safety and that of her son.

"I feel in a lost situation because I have no one but my son ... but I refuse to stop," she said. "Only way I can show how I am here to stay is keep doing my thing."

T-Baby refuses to go to police because she says she's not a snitch.

What would you do in her situation? Check out the clip from Beavis and Butthead for yourself: CLICK HERE!


Creepy Old Guy Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/22/2011 | Filed In: Halloween | RC Willey | creepy | old | guy

Creepy Old Guy

I was at RC Willey last night and this life size Halloween decoration scared the crap out of me. This was truly the last thing I expected to see at a furniture store. They actually had a cool selection of Halloween stuff. I hope this was a decoration. This was the Syracuse location, and it was quite late. I'm not suggesting that particular store is haunted...


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