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Mumford and Sons Will Take a Break! jon | Mid Day
09/23/2013 | Filed In: Mumford and Sons | alternative | x96 | Jon Smith | folky rock

Mumford and Sons Will Take a Break!

I still can't help but think of Mumford the Magician from Sesame Street everytime I hear a Mumford and Sons tune.  Which means everytime I hear Little Lion Man, I can imagine someone yelling "ALA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES" in the background of some seedy english pub.   My world is awesome.


But it looks like Mumford and Sons are taking a little time off. The British folk-rockers made the last tour stop behind their Grammy-winning album "Babel" this past Friday in Kansas, and now keyboardist Ben Lovett tells "Rolling Stone" there are no Mumford & Sons activities scheduled "for the foreseeable future." Lovett says they have no idea how long the break might be, adding that he and his bandmates are just excited to be "free of schedules." The past year has been a dramatic one for the Mumfords. It began with their Grammy win for Album of the Year back in February, and reached a scary point after bassist Ted Dwane had emergency brain surgery that left him on the sidelines for a few weeks. Dwane made a full recovery, but he says the band could definitely use a "little rest." 


Don't worry, I'm sure Phillip Phillips and The Lumineers will keep the folksy types happy in the meantime.







Stone Linkin Pilots? jon | Mid Day
08/29/2013 | Filed In: stone temple pilots | linkin park | chester bennington | x96 | alternative rock | new music

Stone Linkin Pilots?

Usually when a band gets a new lead singer it's bad news.  Just ask Alice In Chains how they've enjoyed the last ten years.  But in THIS case, I think it's an improvement.  Chester Bennington from Linkin Park has been hanging out with a de-heroined STP for the last few months, and now it looks like we're getting an album!  Or at least an EP.

The band says their first EP with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington will be called "High Rise," and is scheduled to hit stores on October 8th. The collection will feature five new tracks, including their previously released single "Out of Time" and another new song called "Tomorrow." But before fans get their hands on "High Rise," they can catch the Stone Temple Pilots on the road. The band kicks off a U.S. tour September 4th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 


10 bucks says it's at a fair.





Desert Rocks Music Festival Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
06/04/2012 | Filed In: Desert Rocks Music Festival |

Desert Rocks Music Festival

We are pleased to bring the following artists to Desert Rocks 2012!

Beats Antique * The Wailers * Lucent Dossier Experience * Brother Ali * RJD2 * JGB feat. Melvin Seals * Chali 2na and The House of Vibe * Phadroid * The Polish Ambassador * Elephant Revival (2 nights) * Random Rab * Hot Buttered Rum * GAUDI * MTHDS * Govinda * Euforquestra * Octopus Nebula * DeadPhish Orchestra * Lunar Fire * Willie Waldman Project featuring Wisdom * Samples * Nathan Moore * The Burned * Wisebird * Stonefed * White Water Ramble * Andy Frasco and the UN * Dirt Monkey * The Possum Posse featuring A Guy on a Buffalo Show * Sweatshop Union * Spell Talk * Michael Garfield * Afro Omega * Holy Water Buffalo * Tatanka * Ariano, LD & Thoughtsarizen * The Human Experience * Equaleyes * The Human Experience * James and The Devil * Crushendo * Sorne * Human Agency * Lil Sum'n Sum'n * Grant Farm * Marinade * Birds of Paradise * The Human Revolution * Luke Benson Band * The Williams Brothers Band * Burnell Washburn * Jaden Carlson Trio * Max Pain & The Groovies * Wounded Healer * GeorgeLife * Bedrockk * Scenic Byway * Funk & Gonzo * Roots Rawka * Tyeze * Dumb Luck * Babylon System * The Drunken Hearts * Ashlee K and Karen Waldrup as The Violets * Wasnatch * DJ Ebenflow * Red Dog Revival * DopeThought * Bonfire Dub * Sea Stars * Dynohunter * The Pour Horse * ATOMGA * Libby Kirkpatrick * Triggers & Slips * Puddle Mountain Ramblers * JACK+JILL * Huckle * Ragtime Willie * Gigi Love * Tramlife * Tony Holiday & The Velvetones * Timmi Cruz * Patrick Latella * deCay * Heartwreck * QUINTANA * DJ Balance * The Pillars Project * JNatural * Anthony Motto * Jae Wonka * deCay featuring InEssence * 12BC * RKTboy * Nocturnal Safari * Raw-Fidelity * Pat Maine * Ryno * SpaceY * Omeed the Nag w/ DJ Vagif *Arkadios * Ruddy Carpel * Dusk Raps * Stesus Nice * Xzentradi * Rich Again * Two and a Half White Guys * Soltron * illoom * Jef Doogie * SuprTek * Dr. ILL * K<3Love * Jayce * B Town * Maestrobe * Darkside * Prowess * 2BE * MusicGarage.org Kids * Advent Horizon * Minx * The Syndicate * Harlem Shuffle * Steve Auerbach * V!!3E TR!!3E * Learical Mindset * Pookie * RoboRob * Seik One


CAMPING AND SITE SCHEDULE Thursday, 6/7 12:00pm Gates open. Camping area opens. Thursday, 6/7 3:00pm Music starts. Friday, 6/8 11:00am Music starts, goes till dawn. Saturday, 6/9 11:00am Music starts, goes till dawn. Sunday, 6/10 11:00am Music starts, goes till dawn. Monday, 6/11 2:00pm Camping area closes, everyone must be packed up and gone.

RAIN OR SHINE Desert Rocks is a Rain or Shine festival, in fact a little rain is welcome!

DOGS Want to bring your furry friend to Desert Rocks? Dogs are allowed however you must purchase a $40 dog pass available online or $50 at the gate. Dogs will be tagged upon entry of the festival with the owners name and contact info. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. If your dog is caught wandering the festival without a leash it will be brought to the festival pound and there will be a $50 dog bail fee. Please be respectful of the enviornment and cleanup after your dog!


Rules Treat people and your environment with respect. Lookout for all your fellow music loving campers. No glass in the stage area. No on site camping without a music festival wristband. No Fires. No Weapons. No Fireworks. No Drugs Allowed. No unauthorized vending. No Mean People. No Filming. No leaving your campsite a mess, leave no trace! Trash receptacles and recycle bins will be on site, so please find them and use them!

Shuttles Desert Rocks will have shuttle buses operating non-stop running between the festival venue, the town of Green River (7 miles away for those staying at Hotels), and the giant Green River Beach only 2 miles from the venue. Shuttle passes will be $15 for an unlimited weekend pass or $5 per ride.

ATMs There will be ATMs available onsite at the festival grounds.

CELL PHONES In the town of Green River there is good cell phone reception. At the festival site there is intermitent service, some carriers do not provide service. Check with your individual service provider.

FIRST AID Desert Rocks is proud to have a fifteen person, volunteer staffed medical team. These professionals include nurses, EMT's, firefighters to provide your first aid care at the festival.

CAMPING If you plan to stay onsite you or your group must have a Tent Camp Pass, a Car Camp Pass (two tents allowed per car camp pass), or an RV (small or large) pass (two tents allowed per RV pass). Camping is also first come first serve. You must have a festival pass to camp, NO EXCEPTIONS. Your weekend pass will still be valid upon re-entry so long as it is not broken or damaged. Folks wearing BROKEN WRISTBANDS will not be admitted under any circumstance.

Motor homes are welcome, but the terrain is rough, so please drive slowly and carefully. There are NO hook-ups on site. Desert Rocks is an overnight camping festival in the middle of the desert. As such it is important for "YOU," the festival goers, to be prepared for desert camping.

Below is a list of items that you should bring with you on your trip:

Tent (no holes and a working zipper), Tarp, Sleeping Bags, Raingear, Extra pair Shoes/Socks, Bug Spray, Blanket/pad/lawn chairs, Sunscreen, Hat for shade, Sunglasses, Umbrella for Shade, Water Container, personal mister, Towel, Swim Suit, Trash Bags, Extra Toilet paper (just in case), Lantern/Flashlight with extra batteries, Flag to identify campsite, Hand Sanitizer, Small Luggage lock for your tent (please don't bring valuables), Earplugs, Pen and Paper for the many friends, memories, and setlists, extra set of keys, Vehicle Key code (to duplicate your lost key), small first aid kit. If you forget any items there will be a on-site store to help you with your needs.

Please remember that the Desert contains various critters including snakes, lizards, fire ants, etc... The property owners have done their best to relocate these critters off of the property however to ensure your safety we ask that you please sleep in a tent, vehicle, or enclosable area. If you are sleeping in a tent please make sure that you keep your tent zipped up at all times to prevent a critter from sneaking in and snuggling up with you.

SHOWERS Desert Rocks will be offering deluxe, hot showers for $5. Thanks to Blue Lagoon Mobile Showers for bringing this comfort to us in the middle of the desert!

ALCOHOL At the Beer Garden your ID will be checked and you will be given a separate wristband that will allow you to purchase beer. In an effort to GO GREEN we will be selling reusable cups, as such your first beer purchase will be $6, re-usable cup re-fills will then be $4, SO KEEP YOUR CUP.

WATER Water bottles and an assortment of drinks will be sold on-site, also there will be an abundance of potable water available to you free if you have a container to use.

RESTROOMS There will be ample porta potties located at various site throughout the festival grounds. A handicap accessible porta pottie will be onsite. There will also be a "Men’s Room" porta pottie as well which includes 5 urinals to help keep porta pottie lines to a minimum. Hand Sanitizer and toilet paper will be provided however we encourage you to bring an extra roll and hand sanitizer just in case. Please be respectable and do not damage the Porta Potties or put foriegn objects in them.

SAFETY The Desert is a harsh environment that includes high day temperatures, low night temperatures, Cactus, Cliffs, Loose Sharp Rocks, Critters (Snakes, Lizards, Insects, Coyote's, etc...), Storms, Flash Floods, etc... To avoid injury and to have a fun, safe, exciting festival experience we advise you to read these tips:

Stay Hydrated. Watch where you are stepping, sitting, and reaching, Desert Critters like to hide under rocks, in crevices, in bushes/broken branches, and burrows. Cactus can grow anywhere there is sand so watch your step. If you see yellow caution tape or orange safety fence there is likely a cliff or other hazard, please avoid these areas. Please keep a flashlight with you at night and be aware of your surroundings. Please do not throw rocks off cliffs as there may be people below, also if you are under a cliff be alert for falling rocks. Please no fires, the desert is very dry and gusty and fires are easily spread. Do not camp under cliffs or in Riverbeds as falling rocks and flash floods are very dangerous.

There will be a safety team, first aid tent, and staffed EMTs/medics onsite in case anyone is hurt. If you or someone you know is hurt please notify a safety team member and head to the first aid tent. For serious emergencies a life flight/ambulance will be called.

PARKING Parking will be $10 onsite for the general parking area. Car camp passes will allow you to park and car camp in the designated camping areas. Parking is also first come first serve, so get there early. There will be a long term parking for those who intend to stay for the duration of the festival, short term parking will be available for locals and those who are coming and going regularly. If you show up after dark plan on parking in the upper venue lot, even if you have a lower venue pass.

KIDS Children under 12 are free and family camping is available. Parents will be responsible for their children at all times during the festival. Each child will be required to wear an information wristband in case they are separated from their parents.


Corey O'Brien Chats with Gotye Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
02/23/2012 | Filed In: X96 | Corey O'Brien | Gotye | Somebody That I Used To Know | Making Mirrors | Rockstars | Interview

Corey O'Brien Chats with Gotye

Here's a chat I had today with Gotye.  We talked about what's it's like having the biggest song in the world, mixing genres, the U.S. tour, playing Coachella and how the video came together, which you can watch below.



And in case you haven't seen this:

The album "Making Mirrors" is in stores now (or click on the cover below to purchase from iTunes).


Corey O'Brien


Beastie Boys Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Magallanes90 | Promotion Director
12/07/2011 | Filed In: Beastie Boys | Nominated | Rock And Roll | Hall Of Fame

Beastie Boys Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The Beastie Boys received a huge honor on Wednesday (December 7) when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D have been cranking out hits for 33 years. The group helped put Def Jam Records on the map with their 1999 classic License To Ill. The album went on to sell more than 9 million copies and became the first rap album to top the Billboard 200 chart. In total the group has released 10 albums.

Also inducted were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N Roses, Laura Nyro, Donovan and The Small Faces.

Notable artists who were nominated but didn't make the cut include Eric B & Rakim, Donna Summers and Chaka Khan.

The induction ceremony will be in Cleveland on April 14, 2012.


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