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Fresh X: New U2 Album, FREE! Corey O'Brien |
09/09/2014 | Filed In: U2 | iTunes | Bono | iPhone | iPhone 6 | Apple | Songs of Innocence

Fresh X: New U2 Album, FREE!

Not only are we getting new, bigger, slimmer iPhones this month, but we are getting the new U2 album today and it's free. If you are already an iTunes subscriber just go into the iTunes store, click on "purchased' link on the right hand side and download it as you have already purchased it for $0.00 whether you like it or not. If you aren't an iTunes subscriber you have 5 weeks to sign up and get it for free.

The band announced the offering after performing at the Apple announcement today, which can as a surprise because the band had said the album would be pushed to 2015. Lies! Then again, the band also said they wouldn't be at the event just two days ago.

You can watch the keynote and more about the event here.


Ernie Hudson, Aquabats, and Cosplay. Jon Smith takes on Comic Con! jon | Mid Day
09/09/2014 | Filed In: salt lake comic con | aquabats | ernie hudson | shit that will turn you white | jon smith | x96 | salt lake

Ernie Hudson, Aquabats, and Cosplay.  Jon Smith takes on Comic Con!

Jon Smith takes on Salt Lake Comic Con!  We get Ernie Hudson to say lines from Ghostbusters, we hang with The Aquabats, and have fun with some cosplayers!

Thankfully this time there were no broken bones!



Fresh X: Bush "The Only Way Out" Corey O'Brien |
09/08/2014 | Filed In: Bush | The Only Way Out | Gavin Rossdale | Gwen Stefani | Man on the Run | Fresh X | New Music

Fresh X: Bush


Bush dropped a new song on us late tonight from their upcoming album, "Man on the Run."  The album will be out on October 21st, which you can pre-order here.

This, of course, is the follow up to 2011's "Sea of Horses."


01. Just Like My Other Sins

02. Man On The Run

03. The Only Way Out

04. The Gift

05. This House Is On Fire

06. Loneliness Is A Killer

07. Bodies In Motion

08. Broken In Paradise

09. Surrender

10. Dangerous Love

11. Eye Of The Storm

12. Let Yourself Go

13. Speeding Through The Bright Lights

14. The Golden Age

You can read more about the upcoming album and track from USA Today


Video: Bear Hands "Agora" Corey O'Brien |
09/08/2014 | Filed In: Bear Hands | Agora | Shut In | Masturbation joke.

Video: Bear Hands

No doubt you have heard Bear Hands' "Agora" on X96.  If you have ever tried to leave your house in the morning, but couldn't. If you have ever had a Saturday where you get caught up in a "Law  & Order" marathon and bout of hand lotion (or whatever you use) Olympics. If you have ever challenged yourself to eat a Costco-sized package of Bagel Bites and promised yourself you would go work out later that day, but just stayed in to watch Netflix late into the night. If you've looked at the pile of laundry on your sofa and been completely debilitated...this video and song are for you.


Jon Smith gets to hang with THE AQUABATS! jon | Mid Day
09/05/2014 | Filed In: Salt Lake Comic Con | X96 | jon Smith | Aquabats | utah

Jon Smith gets to hang with THE AQUABATS!

The Aquabats stopped by our booth at Salt lake Comic Con today and talked to our pal Jon Smith



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