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Video: X96 Toyota Big Ass Show Corey O'Brien |
10/01/2014 | Filed In: Neon Trees | Phantogram | Broods | Capital Cities | A Day to Remember | Big Ass Show | Gallivan Center | The Departure | Ocean Commotion | The Eeries

Video: X96 Toyota Big Ass Show

On Saturday, September 27th thousands gathered at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City in the rain. People came a great time and to see some amazing bands: Neon Trees, Phantogram, A Day to Remember, Capital Cities, Broods, The Eeries and amazing performances by local bands The Departure and Ocean Commotion. Here's how it all went down:


Someone is Selling Imagine Dragons Artifacts At Elvis Presley Prices Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Imagine Dragons | City Weekly | Insanity | Bass Guitar | Provo

Someone is Selling Imagine Dragons Artifacts At Elvis Presley Prices

Hey, I love rock n' roll artifacts as much as the next guy. I've had a piece of chewing gum someone told me Jack White once chewed stuck in my left armpit for luck and bragging rights. I only paid $700 for that.

On the other hand, I've been hard up for money at times. I have sold bikes, iPods, dignity, clothes and bowls I bought at Pottery Barn (they were on sale, so back off!). I would even sell my Jack White armpit gum for it's weight in sheckles. But this...

...this is something odd. As this post points out: not even Paul laid a hand on this here bass geeetar. At least not that anyone knows of.

Not to downplay the success Imagine Dragons have had either. I love me some Imagine Dragons. They are all over the place and everywhere. When I buy broccoli at Smith's Marketplace - there is "Radioactive." At the pump when I am filling up my whip with 85: "Demons." When I am awakened by my electronic waker: "It's Time." Their songs have transcended time and place.

Dave Lemeke, who used to be in the band doesn't see the problem with the price tag. According to a quote in City Weekly, '"I've had people say I'm crazy," he says. "But I think it's worth it because the band keeps getting bigger and bigger, and so I'm just waiting for the demand to increase ... I'm not cash-strapped or anything."'

I do like the use of the third person in this ad. It justifies at least $25,000 of the price tag.

The ad, of course, wasn't taken down from KSL Classifieds before screenshots and shares could be had across social media. And you know the internets...it's not all nice, but it's funny...mostly.

The most entertaining comments can be found at SLC Music Gear on Facebook.

Chime in...what would you pay for a rock n' roll artifact from your favorite superstar?


Liam Neeson Can't Stop Losing His Family Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Taken | Taken 3 | Movies | Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson Can't Stop Losing His Family

First they kidnapped his daughter. Then they kidnapped his daughter and wife. Now they have killed his wife and are trying to kidnap his daughter. "Taken 3" or "Tak3n" as it's spelled in the trailer checks us in with the most dangerous man in the world and those trying to snatch his things.

In this third installment, it appears someone has killed Lian Neeson's character's wife, and get this: framed him for it. This should be old hat for his character by now. If I was this guy I'd be looking around every corner and behind every 7-11 aisle if I so much as thought misplaced the sauerkraut in the fridge.

This trailer makes the movie look like a remake of the remake of "The Fugitive." Right down to Forrest Whittaker playing the Tommy Lee Jones role: a cop with a heart of gold and a hard candy shell.

And yes, I will be going to see it, just like I will be going to another "Transporter" movie if they another one of those. Actually, why isn't anyone remaking "Bloodsport"? Charlie Hunan as Frank Dux? SOLD! 

Anyway, crank this up so everyone in the office knows what's coming and that you aren't a little bitch. And shout out, "Oh man, if I find out who took the last donut from my top right drawer in this cubicle, I am taking out the laundry like this mother______!!! NEEEEEEESONNNNNNN!"


Utah Band, Fictionist, Set To Release Record, Debut New Video Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Fictionist | Salt Lake City | Devin Supertramp | Live and Local | CMJ

Utah Band, Fictionist, Set To Release Record, Debut New Video

Utah's own Fictionist are getting to release their new album, "Fictionist" next Tuesday, December 7th. Today, they debuted their video for their song, "Give It Up" on CMJ.

Fictionist songwriter and guitarist Robbie Connolly said about the video, "I asked my look-a-like nephew to play a 20-year-younger me. I wanted the video to feel a bit like the 1980s world I grew up in. We all grew up on stuff like Star Wars, Monty Python, and other VHS effect-heavy classics and we wanted to capture that nostalgic feel."

Connolly continues, "'Give It Up' was written about that looming feeling you have when you're uncertain about how life is going to unfold in front of you. There's an excitement and fear of the future and it's about finding that resolve inside yourself to keep going."

Preorder the album here.

Ficitonist also has their song, "Free Spirit" featured in the latest video from well-known Utah filmmaker, Devin "Super Tramp" Graham.

Make sure you catch Fictionist on the road:

10/03 - Provo, UT @ Rooftop Concert Series (w/ The Blue Aces) 10/17 - Provo, UT @ Velour Live Music Gallery 10/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room - Williamsburg (Big Picture Media Official CMJ Showcase) 10/23 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop (CMJ Music Marathon) 10/25 - New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (CMJ Music Marathon) 10/25 - New York, NY @ Pete's Candy Store (CMJ Music Marathon) 11/3 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Viper Room 

Here are all the ways to keep up with them:

Website  Facebook  Twitter Instagram YouTube

It's going to be a huge end of the year for these guys. X96 is wishing them luck.


25 X96 Fall Music Suggestions Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Radiohead | Jeff Buckley | Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Julian Casablancas | The Strokes | Alt-J | Alt J | Foo Fighters | Arcade Fire | Mando Diao | Death Cab for Cutie | Fleet Foxes | Perfume Genius | Interpol | Phantogram | Stars | Beck | Jenny Lewis | Smashing Pumpkins | Incubus | Young the Giant | Blood Orange | Reptile Youth | Spoon | Nine Inch Nails | Alkaline Trio | Joey Cape | Tony Sly

25 X96 Fall Music Suggestions

After last, Big Ass Show, Saturday one thing is clear: Summer is over. It's gone, baby. We are now in the season of reverence, thoughtfulness, self-reflection, warm beverages and too-soon festive decorations lining store shelves.

So, in the spirit of the changing leaves and chilly air I have assembled 25 songs that I think fit the season. It's probably not the cheeriest of playlists, but there is some great stuff here. Some of it you may know and some not so much. Some of the songs are new and some old. And yes, the list leans a little hipster - tis the season of scarfs, after all.

Feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comments.

(Note: This is a playlist, so hit play and let it roll).

1. Radiohead "How to Disappear Completely"

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Skeletons"

3. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes "I'll Try Anything Once"

4. Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah"

5. Alt-J "Warm Foothills"

6. Arcade Fire "Rococo"

7. Mando Diao "How We Walk"

8. Foo Fighters "Walking After You"

9. Death Cab For Cutie "Cath"

10. Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal"

11. Perfume Genius "Queen"

12. Interpol "My Blue Supreme"

13. Phantogram "The Day You Died"

14. Stars "In Our Bedroom After the War"

15. Beck "Waking Light"

16. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins "Melt Your Heart"

17. Smashing Pumpkins "To Shelia"

18. Young the Giant "Mind Over Matter"

19. Incubus "Stellar"

20. Blood Orange "It Is What It Is"

21. Reptile Youth "Shooting Up Sunshine"

22. Spoon "Let Me Be Mine"

23. Nine Inch Nails "The Great Below"

24. Alkaline Trio "Help Me"

25. Joey Cape and Tony Sly "International You Day"

-Corey O'Brien 


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