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Richie T. interviews Angela Cartwright Richie T |
10/07/2014 | Filed In: angela cartwright | the sound of music | von trapp |

Richie T. interviews Angela Cartwright

Richie T. interviews Angela Cartwright known as Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Angela talks about her book and love of art and photography. 


Richie T.: There's this whole debate old-timey photography with film.. and now with everything digital where do you weigh in in all that?

Angela Cartwright: There is something about the quality of film..uh photography. I love black and white..uh film photography. It is just so unique and has such a different quality about it. I have to admit I am kind of on the bandwagon with digital too. It is instant gratification.

Richie:.. How does the book come together?

Angela Cartwright: There is no photoshop at all in the book. It is all just how they were. You know, we went through thousands of negatives and two sheets and with our little white gloves on in the archives of the bowels of Twentieth Centruy Fox, we had kinf of unlimited access to the archives which is kind of unheard of. It was really quite an adventure, I was just so glad that Twentieth saw the value in it. 

Styling the Stars: Lost Treasures from the Twentieth Century Fox Archive is out in stores! 


Read A Book, Get Pizza...Book-It's Back Corey O'Brien |
10/06/2014 | Filed In: Pizza | Books | Childhood | Beverly Clearly | Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark | Danielle Steel | Pizza Hut | Twilight doesn't count

Read A Book, Get Pizza...Book-It's Back

Remember when all you wanted to read was Choose Your Own Adventure books and eat Pop-Tarts and Bagle Bites all the live-long day? Me too. Those were good days. I didn't know about thing like taxes, Rush Limbaugh and genocide. Things were good. I also enjoyed things like professional wrestling and playing Metroid. 

Then, one day my third grade teacher played a mean trick on a young psyche. She told me I could have a pizza if I read "Dear Mr. Henshaw." I have blocked this out of my mind to the point where I can't even recall what the book was about. According to Amazon.com the book goes down like this, "After his parents separate, Leigh Botts moves to a new town with his mother. Struggling to make friends and deal with his anger toward his absent father, Leigh loses himself in a class assignment in which he must write to his favorite author. When Mr. Henshaw responds, the two form an unexpected friendship that will change Leigh's life forever." I am quite surprised I didn't end up hate reading and pizza.

I still love pizza. Since then I've been introduced to so many great authors and stories. Let's get nostalgic. Pizza Hut has fired up their "Book-It" promotion, not for a new generation, but for the same generation. Read a book and get pizza. The good news is we are now adults, so there's no third grade teacher telling you to read sentimental crap. Pick up a copy of "American Psycho" by Ellis, "Invisible Man" by Ellison or Self-Reliance by Emerson. 

If you did it then, you can do it now. Grab up a book, click here and live up to your potential in literature and pizza.

Watch this video if you doubt me. I can't recall if I was a Book-It Kid or a latch-key kid first. I am proud of both.


Video: X96 Toyota Big Ass Show Corey O'Brien |
10/01/2014 | Filed In: Neon Trees | Phantogram | Broods | Capital Cities | A Day to Remember | Big Ass Show | Gallivan Center | The Departure | Ocean Commotion | The Eeries

Video: X96 Toyota Big Ass Show

On Saturday, September 27th thousands gathered at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City in the rain. People came a great time and to see some amazing bands: Neon Trees, Phantogram, A Day to Remember, Capital Cities, Broods, The Eeries and amazing performances by local bands The Departure and Ocean Commotion. Here's how it all went down:


25 X96 Fall Music Suggestions Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Radiohead | Jeff Buckley | Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Julian Casablancas | The Strokes | Alt-J | Alt J | Foo Fighters | Arcade Fire | Mando Diao | Death Cab for Cutie | Fleet Foxes | Perfume Genius | Interpol | Phantogram | Stars | Beck | Jenny Lewis | Smashing Pumpkins | Incubus | Young the Giant | Blood Orange | Reptile Youth | Spoon | Nine Inch Nails | Alkaline Trio | Joey Cape | Tony Sly

25 X96 Fall Music Suggestions

After last, Big Ass Show, Saturday one thing is clear: Summer is over. It's gone, baby. We are now in the season of reverence, thoughtfulness, self-reflection, warm beverages and too-soon festive decorations lining store shelves.

So, in the spirit of the changing leaves and chilly air I have assembled 25 songs that I think fit the season. It's probably not the cheeriest of playlists, but there is some great stuff here. Some of it you may know and some not so much. Some of the songs are new and some old. And yes, the list leans a little hipster - tis the season of scarfs, after all.

Feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comments.

(Note: This is a playlist, so hit play and let it roll).

1. Radiohead "How to Disappear Completely"

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Skeletons"

3. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes "I'll Try Anything Once"

4. Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah"

5. Alt-J "Warm Foothills"

6. Arcade Fire "Rococo"

7. Mando Diao "How We Walk"

8. Foo Fighters "Walking After You"

9. Death Cab For Cutie "Cath"

10. Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal"

11. Perfume Genius "Queen"

12. Interpol "My Blue Supreme"

13. Phantogram "The Day You Died"

14. Stars "In Our Bedroom After the War"

15. Beck "Waking Light"

16. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins "Melt Your Heart"

17. Smashing Pumpkins "To Shelia"

18. Young the Giant "Mind Over Matter"

19. Incubus "Stellar"

20. Blood Orange "It Is What It Is"

21. Reptile Youth "Shooting Up Sunshine"

22. Spoon "Let Me Be Mine"

23. Nine Inch Nails "The Great Below"

24. Alkaline Trio "Help Me"

25. Joey Cape and Tony Sly "International You Day"

-Corey O'Brien 


Fresh X: Weezer - Stream the New Album Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Weezer | Fresh X | Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Fresh X: Weezer - Stream the New Album

You can finally listen to the new Weezer album, "Everything Will Be Alright in the End" a week before it's released.

To my surprise many of the so-called hipster blogs and critics have thrown high praise on this album. It could be because Ric Ocasek, who produced their "Blue" album has returned to produce this one, or perhaps it's okay to like Weezer again. Could be the music is that good.

You can decide for yourself by streaming the album over at iTunes Radio.


-Corey O'Brien


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