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NEW geekshowpodcast.com Kerry Jackson |
01/03/2012 | Filed In:

NEW geekshowpodcast.com

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New Episode has the Kessel Runs!

Basment: (NSFW!) Buffy movie dead. But WE can fix it. Trek 2. Shatner is the villain in all our lives. Louis CK. Pootietang. Your name is Geordi. The back is the best. Pamela Handerson. The sock room. RIP Star Wars Galaxies. Here comes the Old Republic. A tour of the Presidio & Georges Cafeteria. Whats a Dallas? Contagion. Pearl Jam 20 Justified season 2. It doesn’t matter, ‘cause your still playing Skyrim.

Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) geekshowpodcast.com. That download button will git it for you. Subscirbe on itunes, that’s real easy. The RSS feed is mostly reliable. If you’ve got an X96 app on yer iphone, were in the podcast section. Join our facebook and/or twitter. TV: Comcast Channel One/Utah on demand/SLC Alternative.

HUGE!: Were now on stitcher.com!! Go to geekshowpodcast.com. On the right of the screen click on the link. Search geekshow (one word) you’ll get it. LISSEN!!


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