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And lesbians! jake | Promotions Director
03/29/2011 | Filed In:

And lesbians!

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New Episode: GSPC vs Mediocre Show! LIVE!
News:(NSFW!) Sucker Punch sucks SO bad. Your Highness comic prequel. New Futurama! Amy Adams is Lois! He is Viggo! Rise of the Apes. New Venture Bros. New Fringe! Mariah Hill’s catsuit! Oz. New Spidey sequel already!? Talking Funny. Nintendo 3DS! BatMite! Clone Wars. Superjail! Poetik P!

Episode:(NSFW!) Recorded before a Live Studio Audience! Geek Show meets The Mediocre Show. “there aren’t as many college lesbians as we had hoped”. Outtakes and Extras. SFW Interview with Simon Pegg.

Download it now, its FREE! NSFW! Just click on the download button or subscribe on itunes. The RSS feed works most of the time. If you have an X96 app you can listen on yer phone. Watch us on Comcast, Utah on Demand, SLC Alternative. Join our facebook! We twitter as well! Better merch coming VERY soon.


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