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Thai Boxing! Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
11/07/2011 | Filed In: Muay Thai Institute

Thai Boxing!

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On Saturday morning, I went to the Muay Thai Institute to learn about Thai boxing. They were kind enough to give me a quick lesson. I've never been in a fight in my life, so learning to throw punches, kicks, elbows, and knees was a bit disconcerting.  Below are a few photos of my experience.


Here I am with my trainer learning how to look tough.

They eventually put me into the ring with Robbie, who was completely cordial and very kind. He could have knocked me on my ass in half a second, but he was cool about not hurting me. In fact, he kept urging me to punch him in the face. I didn't want to, because he was such a nice guy.


I tried to hit him, but he dodged the punch.

Since the professionals were too big of a match for me, I decided to take on my teenage son.

...But Brogan eventually kicked my butt.

We do look tough with the boxing gloves, though. cheeky

Thanks to the Muay Thai Institute for their hospitality during our live broadcast.


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