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Warped Tour 3: Yellowcard and Mayday Parade Richie T |
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Warped Tour 3: Yellowcard and Mayday Parade

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This Saturday at Vans Warped Tour, Richie T and his team of expert producers recorded 5 straight hours of interviews - that's around 25 artists FYI. Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing videos of these interviews on the daily: bands like Less Than Jake, Real Friends, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set and tons more!

Our third installment includes an exclusive interview with Ryan Key of Yellowcard. YES they're coming out with a new album (titled Lift A Sail). He's promised us it'll be a "bona fide rock record". So keep your ears to the ground! As if that's not enough, Derek of Mayday Parade's interview is also posted below, where you can hear him explain why he has an arm full of handmade friendship bracelets. 

Head over to MeetTheBands.com to see the full interviews!



— Lift A Sail: A “Bona Fide Rock Record” —

The record is, I mean speaking of Pearl Jam, I feel like we really dug deep into our really early influences: bands that made us pick up guitars and play. Whether it was the Pumpkins, or Pearl Jam, or Nirvana, Filter, on and on and on. The list of amazing early 90’s bands, I could list them for an hour. But I feel like we really channel those influences on Lift A Sail. Just as we were writing, it just felt like ok, we’re doing something different this time, and we’re gonna run with it…I can have trouble lending my voice to that [rock sound] because I don’t really have any grit or aggression in my vocals much, so it’s hard to lend it to a straighter kind of rock sound. I think we nailed it this time. I really do. I’m really excited. And it is a rock record.

Mayday Parade

— Arm full of bracelets —

I just get a lot of them, from fans. It’s been years that I’ve done it. In the early days we used to get a lot of bracelets and we would never really wear them. Then I just decided one day I was going to start wearing these bracelets that we get. As you start doing it more and more people would respond and bring even more so it’s been several years. They come and go, right now it’s kind of a lot. I’ll take some of these off soon, take some off, keep some on, but I keep all of them so I have a few grocery bags just full of bracelets.


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