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I Hate Halloween and I'm Glad It's Over. Bill Allred |
10/31/2011 | Filed In:

I Hate Halloween and I'm Glad It's Over.

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.....continued from Workers Union Manifesto

Another reason to hate Halloween is the ruination of my skeleton costume at the 2nd grade Halloween party. I had to go to the restroom bad but the teacher wouldn't let me go right away. When I finally got there I couldn't get my zipper open fast enough and I accidentally peed all over the costume....ruined it. Ruined it.

But really I hate Halloween because I'm lazy. I was an actor for several years and putting on costume and make-up was part of my job. It was a job I loved, but a job none the less so doing it once a year for fun has never held any attraction for me.

I hate Halloween. I'm glad it's over. Hope you had a good one.

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