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Warped Tour 2: Anberlin, Survive This!, The Story So Far Richie T |
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Warped Tour 2: Anberlin, Survive This!, The Story So Far

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This Saturday at Vans Warped Tour, Richie T and his team of expert producers recorded 5 straight hours of interviews - that's around 25 artists FYI. Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing videos of these interviews on the daily: bands like Less Than Jake, Real Friends, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set and tons more!

Our second installment includes local favorites Anberlin who sadly will be parting ways, but HOLD ON, they'll be back in Salt Lake this fall on tour. Don't cry. Other local band Survive This! also chatted with us below about writing songs that inspire people to get through the day. Our last band today is The Story So Far with Kelen, who explains to us the past of Warped Tour and the future direction of Warped.

Head over to MeetTheBands.com to see the full interviews!



— “We all still love each other” —

Christian: The band’s been doing great. We’re great. I think it’s just that people’s hearts are in different places now. It’s a sacrifice/reward thing – I think everything in life is sacrifice/reward. I think for some of the people it was like, what I’m sacrificing is not fulfilling enough for me to keep on sacrificing that aspect of my life…I think it has a lot to do with family. That is the number one reason I would say.


Survive This!

— The Band Name —

Shawn: The initial idea is kind of funny…Daniel likes survivalist TV shows. He was like, “I wanna do something it’s cool.” When we really sat down we were like, we can’t have our name from something like that. When we picked Survive This! we wanted it as a statement. We’re people who want to build your self worth, your self esteem. That’s what it’s really about, it’s about surviving every day life, the battle of being bullied, being picked on, suicide, depression, just anything. Your daily routine, having to go to a crappy job every day, we wanted to stand for something. That’s what really stands out for us, it’s a statement. We’re here to survive this, we’re here to make life better.


The Story So Far

— The Diversification of Warped Tour —

Kelen: It used to be if you were a hip-hop artist on the tour, you’d get eggs thrown at you. When Eminem was on the tour competing with Pennywise, people would just chant Pennywise through his whole set…I think people definitely have a wider palate for music than they used to, and I think that’s good for artists of all varieties because like I said, it used to be a tour that could only cater to one demographic, and now it’s a tour that can cater to a larger demographic with a more diverse listening palate.


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