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Everything Must Go! todd | Program Director
06/30/2014 | Filed In: Moving | new studio | CD's |

Everything Must Go!

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Attention, attention! This is it! The final days and final prices of X96! We're closing our doors forever!

Well, not entirely. We're actually just moving to a much better studio in a couple weeks, and we're packing up our old place. One of the remaining remnants of old technology was the CD collection on the wall in our Trolley Corners studio. These have all been ripped into our gigantic hard drive long ago, and they won't be making the journey to the new place. They will probably end up in my basement. 

This morning, Richie T. and the Radio From Hell interns took the discs down and boxed them up. Now it looks funny in the old studio. It was sad to see these old dust magnets go, but technology moves forward. I felt the same when we moved from our old West Temple studio in 1998 and into a new studio that didn't have a turntable. I will keep you posted with photos of our big move. We should be in our new place around July 11.


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mattcall on 06/30/2014 @ 5:53 PM wrote:

I will take some off your hands Todd!


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