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Dinosaur Pile-Up Richie T |
06/12/2014 | Filed In:

Dinosaur Pile-Up

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We'll be honest here...we decided to interview this band 1) because the band name is hilarious and 2) because the album artwork is strange (see here). But when we actually listened to their music, turns out these dudes are pretty bad-a***. Check out my latest Meet The Bands interview with Dinosaur Pile-Up where they talk American influences, their latest single "Derail", and the age-old question: hyphen or no hyphen?

Check out the entire interview HERE

Here's a clip from the interview:

The Band Name

I thought of it ages ago when I was watching the new – well it was new at the time – the most recent King Kong movie…There’s like a big dinosaur pile-up and it’s totally ridiculous, and I walked out of the cinema with all the guys and I was like, “I have to start a band called Dinosaur Pile-Up. That was so insane.”…It’s crazy the attention the name gets before the band.


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