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Limb Bizkit to release a CASSETTE?! jon | Mid Day
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Limb Bizkit to release a CASSETTE?!

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Let’s face it. Limp Bizkit is one of those bands you love to hate. They had their moment in the sun in the late 90’s when Alternative rock was inexplicably angry. I mean, the economy was good. We were not at war with anyone. What the Hell were we mad at?


Nuke 'Em was mad because he wanted baggier pants.


But in a perfect example of things that just WONT go away, Limp Bizkit is putting out a new single. I can’t wait to ignore it. But I guess for the first time we can give them points for creativity. Fred Durst and Co. will be turning back the clock by releasing the single exclusively on cassette.



That’s one of these things for you youngsters.



The Limp Bizkit Facebook page says that "Endless Slaughter" (Nice name) will be available only at their live shows in "about two weeks or so." The track comes from Limp Bizkit's long-in-the-works new album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants," which is expected to drop sometime in the summer. I actually had to seek out, and like their page to write this so you owe me.



“I can count to this many!”


In the meantime the band is on their European tour. So far the only US gig they have booked is a headlining appearance at the Aftershock festival on September 13th in Sacramento, California. I don’t know what that is, but I know I'm not going.





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