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NSFW: Battle of the NSWF Music Vids Corey O'Brien |
05/29/2014 | Filed In: Cherub | Big Data | Corey O'Brien | NSFW

NSFW: Battle of the NSWF Music Vids

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NSFW...because there are 3 of you who still don't know it stands for "Not Safe For Work", which is exactly what these videos are. Don't way we didn't warn you.  These might not even be safe for home and they aren't safe for kids, but they are great songs, weird songs, fun songs and the visuals accompanying them are entertaining to the right audience, so...


NSFW Conterder #1: Big Data "Dangerous (feat. Joywave)" NOTE: This video is violent with some sexy stuff at the end. Also, you will be scared of every woman you see jogging after view this video.

NSFW Contender #2: Cherub "Doses and Mimosas" NOTE: This video has naked people. Nudity: boobs and wieners. If you don't want to see those things then don't watch. If you watch and are offended don't whine to us, we made it very clear.

Here is the SAFE FOR WORK version of the Cherub song:


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