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04/09/2014 | Filed In: Bill Allred | Radio From Hell | RFH | Ted Talk

Bill Talks TEDx

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TED is all about "ideas worth spreading." According to their website, anyway.  If you have spent even a little time on TED's page, well, you've spent a lot of time on their site.  It's addicting.  The talks are full of people who do things you have never thought of or may never do. Sometimes the topic is something you didn't know you didn't know were things people did or even thought about!

Bill's TEDx talk, "Whatever Else You Do, Pay Attention", is very thought-provoking. Especially if you're in a period of flux or starting "adult life."  Bill covers his academic career, acting and how it lead to radio, his trip to Nepal and how Radio From Hell works.  It's a great talk if you are thinking about how to cut your own path.  Take 16 minutes and listen. You'll catch a side of Bill you might not know by just being a Friend of the Program.

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