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Tom Delonge Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Tom Delonge Interview with Richie T

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Tom Delonge

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I've head that term thrown around and it's crazy right? I want my business cards to say "Musician, Author, and Massage Therapist" I'd like to think that I have good hands.



Years ago when Blink thought that we were not going to sell any records we created a company; it's called Really Likable People. That was our fall back, but Blink stayed and that company stayed. So myself and another owner we've incubated these companies that are either in technology entertainment or brands. It's given me the ability to do a lot of different stuff. Angels and Airways we're doing feature films and novels, and graphic novels. We have the technology to run fan clubs like Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and Kayne West. We do that at Modlife, which is my technology company. So I'm always able to do all these different types of things and I have all the resources to put it together. So when you look at my Wikipedia page it looks like I'm doing all these things myself, but the reality is that I have a team of really smart capable people.


The Lonely Astronaut

I got the idea from reading Edgar Mitchells Book. He was the sixth man to walk on the moon. He's coming back to earth and he's struck by the vastness of space and how insignificant and vulnerable the earth is. I thought that would be a good foundation to write a children's book. So there's this little astronaut on the moon working, he's alone. Then these little guys in a spaceship come down and there like "Hey we need to cheer up his day" so they bring him all these things, toys, and money and stuff and it ends up being one completely different thing that might work. I've always loved that children's books can be so simple, and say something really cool to a kid. I thought it would be a challenging exercise to do one. I'm pretty proud of it, and I'm honored that so many people are wanting to talk about it. You can purchase it on AngelsandAirwaves.com and you can get it by Christmas. You can also go to charitybuzz.com and buy the original art work and all the proceeds go to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego.



I had melanoma, which is basically a decently sized black spot on you. When they see that, they cut a giant margin around it and take it out. If Just one little cell gets into your blood stream and lodges onto your brian, you have brain cancer. And Melenoma grows like a weed, you don't want it anywhere. I got mine taken out and it didn't get into my bloodstream or anything like that, so I'm all cool. But you never know, it's scary. But It's also one of these things that every one of us, 99% of people listening right now will get some form of cancer. It's insane, it doesn't seem right. But the thing with everyone getting it, is that we start to realize, maybe we shouldn't be doing some of the things we are.

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