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The Royal Concept Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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The Royal Concept Interview with Richie T

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The Royal Concept

David & Filip

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From: Stockholm, Sweden

How they met

David: Me and Filip, we have known each other since we were kids and we started at Jazz College in Stockholm where we met our drummer, Povel who by then was like a pretty famous Swedish producer and drummer. He used to play with a girl called Robyn. She’s like the biggest super star in Sweden right now. So we asked him if he wanted to produce our album but we didn’t have any money to pay him, so we kind of tricked him into joining the band instead as a payment for him.

American vs. Swedish Audiences

David: First of all we noticed that we’re exotic here and we’re not exotic in Sweden. People don’t think our accent is cool or anything like that. It makes it a little bit easier over here. You’ve got a plus already when you enter stage. But audience-wise, Americans are very good at like, they’re very social. A lot of small talk and people are interested and people wanna talk to you. Swedes are a little more reserved, a little bit more melancholic. Swedes are harder to convince in a way.

The DJ Scene in Sweden

David: DJ’s are the new rock stars and computers are the new guitars.

“On Our Way” featured on Glee

David: [It was] in another version, in a very auto tuned, American Broadway version. But it was very nice to see it and to watch the show and to hear the song there. It was really cool…they just asked if we wanted to be in the show…we can’t say no to a thing like that.

Filip: They did a really good job covering our song.

David: We noticed that there are more young girls at the shows after that.

Writing “On Our Way” during Hurricane Sandy

David: We wrote it in Pittsburg. It was in the tour bus. It was very windy. We had to do something so we wrote that song and we produced it there in the bus. I showed it to the guys and they didn’t like it in the beginning ‘cuz they thought it was cheesy ‘cuz the melody is kind of like - I mean the line between cheesy and catchy is very very thin. It took a while to dress this song for us. It was hard to dress because the melodies are very catchy. At least I think so. We tried to get the whole thing right. That synthesizer that’s part of the song made it easy for us when we found that sound and it all kind of came together.

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