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The X96 Xmas $1000 Poll Andrew Johnson | Digital Director
11/20/2013 | Filed In:

The X96 Xmas $1000 Poll

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Want to win a $1000 Visa gift card for Christmas Shopping from X96?

By taking this survey you can enter to win. Be sure to enter your current information at the end of the survey so X96 can notify you if you win. Thanks!

NOTE: If you don’t listen to X96 for MUSIC at least 1-2 hours per-week, and are really just a “Radio From Hell” listener, please skip ahead to Question 15. If you do listen to X96 for music at least 1-2 hours per week, let’s get going …


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davidoblad on 11/21/2013 @ 1:11 PM wrote:

wtf is wrong with this i keep trying to submit my poll response and it keeps telling me that MY user name is already being used. Well no @#$*! it is being used by me. Thank you for this utter waste of my time and feel free to use my poll response without actually entering me into the contest. If thats not enough i have have a pole response you can use anytime


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