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Arctic Monkeys Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Arctic Monkeys Interview with Richie T

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Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner

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Playing at home or abroad?

Don't make me choose, not in front of all the listeners! There's certainly differences, the Americans took a little bit longer to come around to us. We just got off a tour over there, which was great. The English crowd can be a bit rowdy. I haven't played here in England for a while. The further north you get in England, the crowds get a little bit wilder.


In our world it certainly seemed like there were extended periods of time where we haven't been, on the road or in the studio, to us. But if you look back, I suppose there's not really been like a hiatus or anything.

How the band formed

Some of us have known each other since we were 7 years old, we grew up on the same block. Hanging out on a Friday night on the bandstand, that's where we all met. A couple of years later, there were a few kids in the area a little older than us, we used to go and watch them. We wanted to be better than them, I suppose, be the best band on the street. That's how we decided we wanted to be musicians. Until we formed the band, none of us had picked up an instrument. "Who's gonna do what?" and "You look like you'd be the drummer", and it turned out we were right. 

When did you feel like "we've made it"?

The 1st time we ever played a show, there was a sense of that. I'd never been on a stage before, I remember, it seemed like we'd made it in a way, Playing in club in Sheffield. There's a festival performance we did at Reading and Leeds, which is pretty special. I remember that being a milestone moment.

Do I Wanna Know?

It was a collaborative effort. I suppose it's an attempt at "are you lonesome tonight?" or "what'll I do?". What this song, and this entire record really, there's certainly a modern influence on this whole record and this song particularly illustrates that. The production and the sound of the band and the rhythm section. It's almost like a 4 piece rock and roll band, taken in the compositional perspective of say, a hip-hop producer.

Comparisons to The Beatles

They don't make enough comparisons to us and The Beatles! We compare everyone to The Beatles, and they deserve that respect. I feel like if you were the 1st one to be compared to the Beatles you could easily stop progressing. That alone is maybe the reason we still talk about them now.

What's Next?

Probably an album of Show Tunes... no that's not a good idea. We're going to be touring on this AM record for a long time. The popularity of it demands that we do so, and we are quite alright with that. We'll be back in the states a few shows in Dec, and Feb.

The Name

We don't even know, I wish there was a story... I've gone through a phase where I just lie about it, but I've run out of lies. Jim Cook came up with it, and if he knows where it came from he hasn't told me.

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