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Nick Brown of Mona, Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Nick Brown of Mona, Interview with Richie T

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Before Mona

I've always wanted to start a band, to be artistic and get into trouble at the same time. I was just making music in general, and doing what I liked. We never stopped and said "lets start a rock and roll band". I just making music I liked that had emotion. My drummer and I went to the same church, and we always loved music and passion. We knew when it was good, because of the power of it in the church. I grew up in the same denomination of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Very passionate, worship through music. We wanted to play more, so we started playing in bars. We never set out to form a rock and roll band and get a record deal.


It's a charismatic, Pentecostal, we had the tongue talking, the running in the isles, and the raising of hands. We didn't have the snakes or anything like that. I think it's a very beautiful denomination. I also think there's also there's more frosted flakes and fruit loops involved as well. Kind of like rock and roll and the music industry, there's plenty of people doing it right, and plenty who are just playing the part.


When we were mixing the first album with Rich, he has a room with a grand piano and there were times when he'd say "ok Nick, leave me alone" So I'd go into that room and play the piano. That's when I wrote Freeway, its a pondering song that can be applied to relationships, beliefs, a lot of things. Wanting to get out of something but not wanting to be the one that initiates the final deterioration of the situation. Which I think a lot of people do.


It's a sassy little song about making fun of Sinatra, and giving props to Sinatra. He was kind of against rock and roll, and at the time didn't know he was an icon of rock and roll. It's a good bar, song, and it's a reminder not to take this stuff too seriously, everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Playing with the idea that rock and roll thing is elusive and just have fun with it. I have his greatest hits, and I love 'em all.


Mona is named after my grandmother. I have these memories of her: I was playing outside and I was supposed to come in, and I didn't. She came out and said "Come inside or I'm going to spank you." and I laughed and ran away. I jumped on a lawn chair and it flipped over and I smashed my fingers really badly, and they were bleeding. My Grandma comes over and I'm bawling and she says "Well one, you did that to yourself. Two" and she spanks me! "And three, get in the house, it's time to eat." She consoled me after, she wasn't a mean woman, I just remember thinking this woman does not mess around. That's the way my grandfather was, and my parents were. It's very loving, but straight to business. With those kind of influences you learn to focus really quickly.

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