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Who Needs a Roof? Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
09/13/2011 | Filed In: Money | poverty | america | adventure

Who Needs a Roof?

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I am going to be homeless on Monday...at least for a little while.  The talking heads say the economy is on the upswing while the unemployment rate hovers around 10% so I feel pretty lucky to have a job I love doing but in uncertain times I feel it is a good time to cut back.

I am giving up my apartment.  I am not married and don't have pets so I don't have to talk anyone into this little expiriment or put a poor animal through it (not that I would).  I eat out nearly every meal and am in no way a homebody.  I'm never really at my house - only my stuff is.  Also, I am horrible with money.  My folks were more "do as we say" rather than "do as we do" parents so I think of lot of what they did rubbed off on me: buying things I don't need as a form of entertainment.  I hate the idea of credit cards but I use and abuse them like a lot of us do.  So couch surfing, a PO box and showering at the gym will be my new routine.

The plus side is I won't have to pay anyone rent and will just pocket the money and pay off my credit cards (really, who needs 3 bikes and 3 snowboards?).  No TV?  Good, I can get through the 8 books I've started.  Maybe I can use the money I save to go to Germay next year for the real Oktoberfest or save for a down payment on a home of my own (granted I choose to do this for more than a month).

So all my stuff: pots, pans, dishes, the majority of my books, camping stuff, chairs, sofa, TV, a rarely used dinner table, bookshelves, bed, blu-ray player, nightstands and everything else are going into storage. I suspect after about a week I am going to hate myself for attempting such a lame idea.  When after work I have no place to rest my feet and watch "Louie" or "Curb Your Enthusaism" or "Apocalpyse Now" I could be scouring the web for a new roof.  Stay tuned...

-Corey O'Brien

P.S. I did the photoshopping of the dollar bill all by myself.

P.S. pt. 2:  Maybe when this is over I can write a book like this:


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