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'Chinese Food' music video is the new 'Friday' Andrew Johnson | Digital Director
10/16/2013 | Filed In:

'Chinese Food' music video is the new 'Friday'

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Alison Gold enjoys Chinese food so much, she sings about it. And this music video is proof that people all across American share in her enthusiasm.

Besides racking up an impressive 5.4 million view on YouTube since it debuted on Oct. 14, the video has a host of oddities that likely give it the juice it needs to go viral.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the video is from the same creator of Rebecca Black's video "Friday", and has such thought-provoking lyrics as "get me broc-co-li while I play Mo-nop-o-ly", and "it tastes so-so-so-so good".

Spoiler alert: the Panda raps, and then he blasts through the roof of a house on a rainbow.

Chinese Food Video

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