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Keith of Atlas Genius, Interview with Richie T Richie T |
10/11/2013 | Filed In:

Keith of Atlas Genius, Interview with Richie T

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Keith from Atlas Genius

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We spoke a few months back, but what’s new with Atlas Genius?

Keith: We’ve been on this new tour for a few weeks. Prior to that we had played a lot of summer festivals like Lollapalooza, and since we last saw you we also went back and played a few weeks in Australia.

How was the experience playing Lollapalooza?

Keith: It was our bands dream. It was a great day for us. Lollapalooza and Coachella are some of the festivals we hear about back in Australia growing up. It was a great crowd and something to be a part of.

With being around so many bands, do you ever want to jam with any of them?

Keith: Absolutely. It’s one of the great things about being in a band is getting to tour with so many bands that we love and respect. There are some friend that we’ve talked about collaborating


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