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Little Daylight Interview Richie T |
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Little Daylight Interview

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Little Daylight

Nikki, Matt & Eric

From: Brooklyn

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Matt & Eric’s High School Band
Matt: So it was called Bassment but the spelling of the bass part of basement was b-a-s-s like a bass guitar, let’s say…You’re absolutely right, it was a terrible name and it embarrasses me for the rest of my life that that was our band name.

Eric: We had a concert series called Bassment in the basement where the first one was spelled b-a-s-s and the second one was spelled b-a-s-e. I think we did 5 or 6 of them and I think they were very well attended for a high school band.

Nikki: I was not a part of that band, for the record.

Matt: It’s kind of frustrating actually because our hope is that people will listen to the music and come up with their own feelings and emotions about it but then you sometimes do have to put a word to the page about it. So I dunno, we leave it up to you, and you guys listening.

Nikki: We do electronic sounds along with more traditional rock guitar and bass and drums. So it’s kind of a mesh of electronics and traditional rock stuff.

Single: “Overdose”
Nikki: The concept for the song is basically when you’re in a romantic situation with someone, or a situation that you know isn’t necessarily great for you, but the feeling is strong and it’s kinda heady and it’s a rush and you wanna stay with it even though it’s really maybe not the healthiest thing for you.

Single: “Glitter and Gold”
Matt: It was this second generation song. And lyrically, we were just starting to prepare our live show. We formed in the studio first in basically a home-made studio that we put together. Then we had the task at hand of like ok everyone’s gotta, we gotta figure out who’s playing what and how we’re presenting this live. Glitter and Gold is basically offering a vote of confidence to somebody - whether it’s us or somebody else listening - that they can perform with confidence. It’s basically like a “go out and do this like you have it in you” kind of thing which is actually something - you kinda need to hear that everyday if you’re performing or getting on stage. It’s all about being on a stage and being in front of a lot of people. There’s kind of a message that even if you know how to do that, you need to hear it over and over again.

The Crazy, Cannibalistic, Artistic Process
Matt: A big part of our process is cannibalizing pieces of things we’ve done over the course of our time together, from new things. Recycling them and reusing them and building other pieces out of them.

Nikki: Slowing things down to half-time, playing songs backwards and see what comes out of it. We kind of do some crazy stuff.

Debut Album
Eric: We’re hoping towards the end of March of next year…It would be very cool if one year later, we’re back [at SXSW] and our album is out or almost out.

Touring with Bastille and Nightmare and the Cat
Eric: We became closer friends over the course of the tour and it was really only two and a half weeks but it’s like summer camp: you kind of compress time and by the end you feel like you’re the best friends in the world. At the last show at the Bowery Ballroom, we all came up on stage, all of the bands came up on stage for Bastille’s song, Pompeii, and kinda sang along and danced. It was a great culmination of the couple weeks together.

Tunnel Vision EP out now

Listen Here


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