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Richie T Interview with Chris Carrabba Richie T |
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Richie T Interview with Chris Carrabba

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Chris Carrabba Interview

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Chris “Ender” Carrabba, really?

Not really, no. I put it on my first record as a joke for my friend Amy. My previous band had a song called “Ender will save us all” and it was just a joke I put on one record when I thought nobody was paying attention. My real middle name is Andrew, that book Ender’s Game, the character of Ender, his name is Andrew really. It’s a joke from a long time ago, and it wasn’t funny then. Now it’s just perplexing to everybody including me.

Ender’s Game Movie?

I haven’t decided if I’m going to boycott it, I don’t think I’m going to boycott it. I don’t necessarily know that the film makers that did this share the views of the author. I don’t agree at all with Orson Scott Cards policies, but he wrote a great story. I haven’t decided, I’m sympathetic to that industry, it’s not so different from mine. It’s really hard to do, it costs so much money and there’s people’s livelihood at stake, all because of one guys opinion? I don’t know, I will go on record saying I absolutely disagree with Orson Scott Cards opinions, which is causing all this ruckus.

Vacant Andys, that’s a great name

Yeah, well I didn’t name it but I liked being in the band. That was my second or third band, the first I ever toured with though. Some People might know the bass player Dan Bonebrake, his brother Darryl. Those 2 have the best last name ever, Dan and Darryl Bonebrake. We should have just called the band Bonebrake, then my best good friend John Owens. We went on to be in lots of other bands together, but that was the one we really learned how to be a band in. We learned how to tour when we were all teenagers, our first tours were the first New Found Glory tour, and the first Vacant Andys tour we went on tour together and that was the first tour for either of our bands. I have a lot of fond memories with that band, and they’re still my best friends.

What was the first band you were ever in?

I don’t remember the name of the first band because we may not have named it. The first band that we named was called Hubble, like the telescope.

From Vacant Andys to...?

Then I was in Further Seems Forever for a couple of years and we did very well as a touring act. We were one of these optimistic popular bands, and when we were playing nobody cared. The original line up broke up, and the second line up went on to do very well. It made the myth of the first line up like this incredible thing. We’d gone on to do a lot of reunion shows, and tons of people showed up. It was like “Where were you guys when we were a band?” we might have stayed a band, had anyone showed up. I think it was a combination of a few things, Dashboard got popular, Further got really popular with their second singer. Dashboard took Further on tour as an opener. I think we were slightly ahead of that melodic frenzy that kind of came with bands like Coheed and Circa Survive and all that, we were just too early, maybe. Then with the popularity of those bands, them mentioning us as an influence, made us popular.

Side Project?

It doesn’t feel like a side project - you know what? It isn’t a side project, this is my band. I haven’t done dashboard in a while I don’t have any plans to not do dashboard again. But this is not a side project for me this is the band that I’m 100% invested in with all my time and effort. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t ever visit Dashboard again. My bandmates and I in Dashboard couldn’t be closer, we’re family. The relationship we have with our fan base is so important to us. At some point writing more songs like that will feel right, but it hasn’t felt right to write those kinds of songs in quite some time. I keenly aware that a listener can hear you going through the motions and that’s not fair to anyone.

Twin Forks/Twin Falls

First it was Twin Forks, which came from that fact that we all know each other from different places and we met in the middle. That’s what we called the garage that we recorded in, we called it Twin Forks because it was our meet up spot. Then we thought we should call the band Twin Forks. There was one thing I was toying with, I traveled the country so many times and you wouldn’t believe often you see signs for Twin Falls. That also sounded interesting to me, we were booked for South by Southwest without a name. We got a call and they said you’ve got 5 minutes to give us your name. I just had a minute with my manager on the phone and I mentioned the Twin Falls thing. Isn’t it kind of neat that you see signs for that all over the country? It’s like evocative of something romantic or mysterious or something like that. So we did a quick search and didn’t find any copy rights or anything and we played South by Southwest as Twin Falls. Then we found out there’s 4 or 5 bands called Twin Falls so we just said lets go with our original name, back to Twin Forks.

 A Different Sound

The band Twin Forks is a considerably different sound that people may recognize with Dashboard Confessional. I think this goes for almost all the songs with Twin Forks, I wanted the songs to sound celebratory, and I want the live shows to be even more celebratory, that was the agenda there. I think Cross My Mind is really probably a good example of that, it’s really free spirited and joyful.

Folk Moves into Rock Music

Who saw that coming? Would anybody have put any money on that one? When I started doing this it really was a labor of love. The idea that I’d be talking to someone on the radio about it just never seemed like a possibility. I’ve done very well on the fridge of things, not that I aim there, but I’ve never shied away from it. I thought I was firmly on the fridge doing this kind of music, and somehow the general public has migrated in that direction. I don’t know if it will be over by the time our record comes out, and I don’t really care, truthfully we’re writing music that you can feel you know.

Salt Lake Show

Club Sound on October 16th, I’m excited, everybody that asks “What’s your favorite cities to play?” It’s always one of my top cities to play. I've got so many friends there, such a great music city. I don’t know if it’s known for that outside of Salt Lake but everybody there knows it’s a great music town. People in bands talk about it, there’s not that L.A. factor where everybody is too cool to be there.

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