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Ginge's Intern Memoir Richie T |
08/23/2013 | Filed In:

Ginge's Intern Memoir

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This summer I have had the opportunity to be an intern for the Radio From Hell show. I live in Pleasant Grove and have made the very early trip up to Salt Lake City three times a week, all summer, to get to X96 by 5:30 AM. Yes, that means I woke up at about 4:30 AM to make this happen. Even I think it’s a little bit insane that I did this for an entire summer. Let me explain to you some of the things I have particularly enjoyed and that have made the experience so very much worth it.

My name is Jordan. Although, until probably the last month of my internship, I’m pretty sure not very many people knew that. Upon arrival, I was named “Ginge” – a nickname derived from the fact I was born/blessed/cursed with having the auburn hair. This nickname stuck, and I now see it as a term of endearment. An X96 term of endearment. Would I ever have received the nickname if I hadn't interned for X96? Maybe, but that’s not really the point.

There are many tasks and responsibilities of a Radio From Hell intern. Interns are responsible for editing the RFH podcasts; making sure Kerry, Bill, & Gina have their news/advertisements/Things That Must Go/etc.; answering phone calls; updating the website/Facebook page and helping Richie T with random projects - just to name a few. For me, these tasks have always felt like a “get to” rather than a “have to”. The great thing is that even the most monotonous tasks are always met with constant singing, dancing, and the overall goofiness of Richie T. I dare say that you haven’t had the full Richie T Experience until you have been an intern for him. Never before (and most likely never again) have I had someone dance and sing “Nine in the Afternoon” with full intensity for me at 5:30 in the morning. That’s being an intern for Richie T.

As far as the hosts go, Gina is somewhat of the intern mom. She’s always nice and pleasant to the interns. Bill, the radio wizard, seems to be full of wisdom. Although he enjoys playing the "mean card" with the interns on air, I could tell we held some soft spot in his heart. Kerry said only a few words to me, but, as far as I could tell, he really meant them. Overall, they were fun to work with, and it’s a good life experience to be around people who know what they’re doing.

If you have the opportunity to be an intern for X96, I highly recommend it. You’ll learn new skills and instantly join a family of other interns: the silent, behind the scenes stars of Radio From Hell. I was wary of my group at first, but the experiences of internship create a strong bond. You may not know them, but I will remember those who I worked with: Dane, Sydne, Spencer, Michael, Aly, Ian, Carson, Griffin, and, of course, Festus (Gina's beloved son).

Today, I will walk out of X96 as an intern for the last time. I will probably be humming “Don’t You Forget About Me” to make it even more meaningful. There’s a chance I might even give a fist pump to the air as I unlock my car door. It’s the closest thing to a Breakfast Club experience I may ever get.

Thanks to Richie, Kerry, Bill, & Gina for letting me have this experience. Really, if you’ve considered being an intern, do it. (Richie needs the help).


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