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Bill Frost's TV Picks Week of August 19 Bill F |
08/19/2013 | Filed In: TV

Bill Frost's TV Picks Week of August 19

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Tuesday: In the season finale of STORAGE WARS NEW YORK … yeah, I lost interest even more quickly than you did (A&E). Watch DRUNK HISTORY harder (Comedy Central).

Wednesday: New reality series MODERN DADS follows the daily misadventures of four Austin stay-at-home fathers … so that’s a show (A&E). NECESSARY ROUGHNESS closes Season 3 (USA), and THE SOUP celebrates 500 episodes with a live broadcast—what could possibly go wrong? (E!)

Thursday: Get ready for GHOST SHARK! It’s a shark, and a ghost, and a movie! Hey, it’s far more plausible than a Sharknado (Syfy).

Saturday: In the Lifetime movie ESCAPE FROM POLYGAMY, spoiler alert, all disinterested parties do indeed escape from polygamy (Lifetime). Meanwhile in the summer finale of AXE COP, Axe Cop takes on a young protégé—but he’s possessed by the soul of a killer rabbit with a grudge! Then there’s HIGH SCHOOL USA … meh (Fox).

Sunday: The 30th MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS claims that MTV still shows music videos, and therefore can present awards to said videos. Me, I’m somewhat suspicious (MTV). After Geek Show Movie Night, True TV and City Weekly present the next episode of BREAKING BAD at Brewvies Cinema Pub (677 South 200 West, 21+) at 9:30 pm, free (AMC)

Back when MTV did show videos, you could sometimes see Gina Barberi dancing in Warrant’s less-popular follow-up single to “Cherry Pie,” “Chocolate Donut.”

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