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B.A.S.H. Airborne Toxic Event Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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B.A.S.H. Airborne Toxic Event Interview with Richie T

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Airborne Toxic Event

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Mikel Jollett

Growing up in the Mormon part of LA

I grew up in LA and there was a huge Mormon community there. They would have these dances there, you would get invited I'm not Mormon. I would go because all of my friends would. It was fun but you always had six inches of daylight between you and the person you were dancing with. It was cool because you got to wear a tie. It was kind of like the 50's.

On The Road

We've played almost 900 shows now. We've been on the road five of the last seven years. You spend a lot of time with the exact same people. You get to know people really well. All the jokes now are mellow jokes, so you make jokes on the jokes. Almost like they're number jokes. (Remember joke 23 ha-ha)

Another Big Ass Show

We're pretty excited about it. We had a great show last time we were there at the Depot. I loved it. It was our first sold out show we've ever done in Salt Lake. There was so much energy. It was such a great crowd. I remember I walked out and there was this huge line around the block. I thought "Who are these people here to see?"

Building a following

The story of our band in every city is the first time there's 200 people, the next there's 500 people, the next time there's 1,000 people and Salt Lake has been very much like that kind of thing for us. We've built a relationship with that city.


You get to different moments in your life like "what do I want to do?" I wasn’t really a musician I was a writer, I’ve been working on a couple of books and novels. I go to a point where I had taken a year off to write a book. In that entire year I think I had written one chapter but I had written 100 songs. At that point I thought I want to start a rock band. I remember telling my folks. All I ever wanted to do since I was a little kid was to be a writer. My mom would put short stories I wrote on the fridge. I would enter essay contests. I was super literary and really into books.


I like to run, like 5k and 10ks. I use to be a competitive athlete but I run for fun. We were playing in Aspen of all places and Aspen is fifty miles from the nearest town. We were up there doing a festival type gig. I went for a bare foot run in the woods and it was beautiful I was running along this creek and this trail you feel really atavistic like this warrior, you just want to run down an elk and bite its neck. So I’m up there running and I come out, I’m running up the path and I saw this guy and I must have looked pretty crazy my feet are covered in mud, I’m running up the path coming out of the mountains and I saw this guy and I ran up to him and I went, “Hey brother let me ask you something?” and he goes “Um…yeah?” I said, “Is Aspen up this way?”. He said “yeah”. I said “Ah thanks brother.” He g


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