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B.A.S.H. Interview with Capital Cities Richie T |
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B.A.S.H. Interview with Capital Cities

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Capital Cities

Listen here: Capital Cities Interview

It’s just so catchy!
I talked to someone recently that was cursing me because they were waking up in the middle of the night and they had Safe and Sound stuck in their head.

Safe and Sound (single):
The song - we actually wrote it a while ago. Probably three years ago we wrote the original idea for the song. It was just a little snippet of music that felt really special that was produced in a completely different way. We showed it to a bunch of our friends. and this was before Capital Cities was even formed. Everybody we showed it to just really thought it was something special and encouraged us to develop the song. So we, over the next year or so, we reproduced the song close to 8 times just to find the right production. And then finally we came across the current version where we broke out this vintage Juno synthesizer and decided to incorporate trumpets. And there we have it. Then we had Safe and Sound. Put it up on the internet and it started doing its thing and now it's on the radio.

Their “Mythical Craigslist Romance”:
It was a very modern forming of a relationship. We met on Craigslist back in 2008. Sebu put up an ad offering his music production skills and I was looking for someone to help me with some songs. We responded to his ad. We got together, started working together, had this really incredible musical chemistry. And then we got into all these different jobs writing for tv commercials and then eventually decided that we wanted to start a band and that's how Capital Cities came about.

The Beard:
I personally have always loved having a beard, like ever since I could grow facial hair which was when I was like 20 years old I've been obsessed with you know, growing a beard. So for me, beards have been cool since they were cool...I've always been a fan. They've never gone out of style, as far as I'm concerned.

The Safe and Sound music video:
Well it was shot at this really beautiful theater in downtown Los Angeles called the Los Angeles theater and the video basically is a celebration of various forms of dance from different decades and different cultures. So essentially what happens is that when I pop out of this poster - this old poster at this old theater, we go on to this stage and it sort of ignites this crazy dance-off in this old theater that hasn't been running for a while. The video was actually inspired off of, or inspired by, a video that we put out when we first released Safe and Sound. it was a DIY video where we pulled footage of war and dancing from the 20th century and juxtaposed it and showed this chronological evolution of war and dance over the 20th century. So when it came time to do a real music video, someone submitted a treatment that was kind of loosely based off of that.

The name "Capital Cities":
That came from a brain storming session that Sebu and I had a while back. We were just kind of going back and forth and I suggested Capital Maine as a band name and Sebu wrote back and said, "How about Capital Cities?" And we both instantaneously felt like it was a perfect representation of what we were.

Listen here: Capital Cities Interview


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